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Analysis of the impact of Jingdong on the development of the 2013 electricity supplier financing

electricity supplier in 2012 left us too many memories, still lingering in the memory of the battle, since the 618 anniversary of the Jingdong, Jingdong and Taobao Tmall Liangzi even forged a fight at outrance struggle between them, of course, for those of us ordinary people, but is let off. But look, when the commodity business platform and promotion war banner, but eventually let the fisherman was seemingly enrichment played a hard two dogs, because those of us ordinary people do not seem to get more benefits in the battle, but because we never concern caused by the illusion of prosperity business.

but the concern is that the Jingdong since 2012 to provoke big brother to take the lead in the electricity supplier war, but also the first to go dormant forerunner user experience on the road, when the end of major business platform have been eager for a fight on the occasion, the horse originally active in the electricity supplier battlefield first-line Jingdong suddenly turned around, not play with you. Let many industry experts think that the Jingdong capital chain might be really broken, but after the Spring Festival, the Jingdong suddenly raised $700 million when the news spread like wildfire, the familiar Jingdong may come back.

The Spring Festival is undoubtedly

Liu Qiangdong had the most fun, once in the electricity industry of Jingdong of a singing voice over time, suddenly a beautiful Masai, received a $700 million financing amount will undoubtedly make Liu Qiangdong have their own situation, Liu Qiangdong and I also announced a high profile in the future. Ten years, will not consider retiring. This point is to retire at the door. At

ma?After the

Jingdong, has been the business showstopper identity, but a beginning, and the electricity supplier giant Taobao rivalry, the Jingdong quickly gathered more popularity, from 10 million yuan in 2003 to year of sales, in the past 10 years, the Jingdong’s sales have exceeded 60 billion, and experts predict that in 2013 sales of Jingdong will reach 100 billion, the growth rate of Taobao Tmall isn’t a serious provocation?

when the 2012 double 11 day Taobao Tmall launched the electricity supplier war, allowing Jingdong to see what is darling, undeniably, this is Taobao Tmall issued after several Jingdong defiant roar, but in the roar after Taobao, Tmall won the final victory, but the United States is one thousand since the loss of eight hundred, the NDRC began to make false promotion for electricity providers were closely monitored, usually very relaxed business environment, it is also in the beginning of the end of 2012.

is at the end of 2012, Jingdong and Taobao Tmall also announced to abandon the bloody price war, this is the two major electricity supplier giants running, or really began to take the user experience on the road, because in 2012, the war between the giants are joyous, but old people have fought because of these giants, and no gain a better user experience, both in terms of logistics, or related services, are not able to do let users rest assured and satisfied, and these.


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