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Tmall micro-blog 11 Car Festival week total order amount of more than 2 weeks of 13 billion 800 mill

The total number of orders

orders 96463 copies, the total amount of 13 billion 807 million yuan, the average price of 143 thousand and 100 yuan cycling, these exciting figures are Sina Tmall double 11 Car Buying Carnival from October 16th to November 2nd over half of respondents, after the first season won the micro-blog joy Car Buying, single month Sina car second times to beautiful transcripts stir in the industry, "the balance of treasure", "micro-blog Car Buying seckill", "Car Buying cashback", "car stage" and "dealer promotion" and other kinds of gameplay success across the board.

The Sina

Tmall double 11 Car Buying carnival, attracted a total of 43 brands, 414 models to participate in activities, within two weeks of PV a total of more than 65 million UV, a total of more than 20 million, the exposure hits full beyond micro-blog Car Buying quarter data of the same period of joy. The carnival will continue until the day of November 11th, the total return of the car is now the total amount of 10 million yuan.

11 car purchase section of the total number of interim orders of 96463 copies, the total amount of the order of $13 billion 807 million

      carnival data who strong


in 2014, the independent brand passenger car market share fell for more than a month, under the weight of the independent brand car factory generally hope to use automotive electronic business platform to expand sales channels in the double 11 Carnival Car Buying order turnover rankings, Haima automobile, Beiqi magic speed, Wei Chai Ying, Dongfeng popular independent car enterprises into the ranks of the top five, Dongfeng Peugeot car of the joint venture enterprises rely on high cash discounts and other promotions, won the turnover ranking second order. The new brand of Weichai Yingzhi selling is that micro-blog electricity supplier for the sales boost new car brand is very obvious. In addition, Changan SUZUKI, Benz, Citroen, Landwind automobile, FAW TOYOTA and other companies also were ranked ranked 6 to 10 orders.

businesses, according to the statistical models page, Peugeot 301, hippocampus S5, BMW X1, Changan CS75, Changan SUZUKI, Feng Yu, Beiqi magic speed X5-6MT Landwind, Dongfeng Citroen C4L, British G3 and Weichai induced by Guangzhou TOYOTA Ralink are up to 1 click heat 10 list, SUV car type to continue selling. A total of 7 models finalists.

in terms of geographical distribution, strong purchasing power of East China and Southern China still occupy the mainstream, regardless of the number of users or the number of users landing order, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian and Zhejiang are among the top ten, while Henan, Hebei, Sichuan, Hubei province into four orders the top ten shows Western consumers area of online demand gradually increased Car Buying. Ranked second in the ranking of the user’s login Beijing, did not appear in the order of the top ten users list.

ratio of men and women, all landing users accounted for 57% of men, women accounted for 43%, which is not the same as the proportion of male and female 58:42 users in the order of the number is not much difference.



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