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B2c heating of the traditional enterprise electronic commerce how to correct direction

a good period of time, whether it is Chun Tao or other Internet practitioners believe that now, do not own a Taobao operating B2C website, where Taobao is Ma Yun, B2C is their own. At that time, from the Internet giant continue to invest money, or traditional companies trying to build their own online shopping mall, are directed at the boom to. Especially a year ago, Taobao after the storm, deepen the understanding of Taobao’s prospects are not optimistic about the industry, Tmall opened a shop to collect tens of thousands of "protection", this is a very high threshold for the platform of enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises in the traditional. But today, there are 87 independent B2C site in Tmall shop, how should the traditional enterprise do it?

Chun Tao learned for the traditional enterprise, will do a series of advertising investment, whether it is business or brand OEM, they all know that the Internet platform’s charm and potential, but there is not yet a mature e-commerce marketing system, many of them only stay in the level of advertising, brand building. However, in this year’s time, the emergence of a large number of vertical B2C sites, including some furniture, bathroom, home appliances and other industries vertical B2C, so many do not believe that Taobao does not choose Taobao’s business to see hope. Chun Tao learned that these business owners may, in a friend or sales of the "guide", have built their own B2C mall. However, these divisions to hide those B2C sites, the investment of time, manpower and material resources. The most is to let the boss please a network promoters come back, do some optimization, hair post; please a painter, the site beautification; the website traffic up, when the customer will come naturally. Chun Tao estimates these enterprises website B2C 99% are lost with nobody, "is the traditional enterprise test of electronic commerce".

Two days before

, Dangdang will open their Tmall shop, so far, there have been 87 separate sites in the Tmall B2C shop, when the electricity supplier in winter, and even some people comment on their performance is the loss of brand. Giants every month big advertising, hundreds of millions of investment, in the winter they still feel very hard, not to mention that we like the traditional enterprise. Only personnel allocation has let the ordinary traditional enterprise is very difficult to accept, not to mention advertising, if it is a small and medium enterprises in the traditional, and the customer is facing the terminal customer groups, or honestly study Taobao electricity supplier, may have unexpected harvest.

some people say that if you do Taobao a few years ago to do, and now began to do Taobao, it is difficult to do. Chun Tao want to ask, what business is easy? In fact, now engaged in Taobao, is relatively easy to make money, whether it is business or the above work hard in the Internet, Taobao is a good choice in Taobao can let us learn how to truly online sales. Although Tmall to pay tens of thousands of costs, but after Tmall traffic, is the first large online shopping platform, but also to enter the Tmall still need to do some relevant certification, regardless of the business or brand, will increase the influence of >


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