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2010 China’s tourism electricity supplier market size accounted for 200 billion of total revenue of

Chinese Tourism Research Institute released the "Chinese tourism electronic commerce development report", the report shows, 2010 Chinese tourism e-commerce (Internet platform of online tourism based trading market) reached 200 billion yuan, accounting for the overall tourism revenue share of nearly 15%. of the public tourism e-commerce enterprise brand awareness in the rankings, Ctrip, where to go net, mango net is ranked in the first three.

China Tourism Research Institute president Dai Bin believes that the dual drive continuous expansion and wide application of information technology in the tourism market, tourism e-commerce mode of different types and different subject to rapid development. From the current trend, although the tourism e-commerce shows signs of monopolistic competition in the local area, but overall, the mature stage of this market has not yet entered the hierarchical competition and classification of economic investigation, and more reflect the penetration of traditional tourism market share.

report that China’s tourism e-commerce (Internet based platform for online travel trade) development presents three characteristics: first, the most attention to product and price information. Most residents want to get information is the main core tourism products and price information, including tourist destination and tourist routes, attractions, accommodation and transportation price information, secondly is also travel and entertainment and other tourism related industries and information service quality. The two is the individual trend is more obvious. Three is the network become the main channel of information collection. Internet and family and friends on the evaluation of tourism destination residents become an important channel to understand the relevant information before traveling.


report shows that with the Internet develop environment more optimization, online consumer spending habits, the call center has played an important role in the China tourism e-commerce transactions in the business (Call Center) ratio decreased, under deliberate guidance elong, with the way of OTA, call center users stable to online booking transfer, it is of great significance to the reduction of tourism e-commerce enterprises, but also for the future transformation of the pattern of competition foreshadowed.


survey shows that three of the most popular tourist website services are: booking tickets on the Internet (61%), booking hotels on the Internet (45.5%) and finding travel information (44.6%). In addition, there are two main trends in the field of Internet marketing in 2010, micro-blog and group buying. These two marketing applications in the first half growth rate of more than one hundred percent, of which micro-blog growth rate of up to 208%. has become a new channel for tourism consumption.


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