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Jingdong’s pat used APP line can be a key resold commodity Jingdong

with the development of the Internet, Internet users can not only through the online shopping convenience shopping, but also can use the network to the home of idle items to find "vitality". Miss Guo is an online shopping Master, but sometimes impulsive consumer buying fashion goods have been shelved, she put the idle bags and unopened cosmetics are released in a second-hand goods trading on APP now, preferential treatment to a friend; Mr. Zhang bought a just listed iPhone6S, then half of the new mobile phone he had used on the Internet platform to sell out; hot mom Ms. Lee is the son no longer need baby strollers, walkers, electric toys and other items all in second-hand to deal with APP, "was a new buy, lost a pity", just need to buy friends and the area surrounding the young parents let her not only clean up space, and get the benefits. The completion of the disposal of idle items, they are using a named Pat second-hand APP.

pat second-hand APP by Jingdong group’s pat released second-hand idle goods processing platform, has been formally launched recently. User login or PC version of Jingdong mall "pat used" APP account through the Jingdong, Jingdong can be a key to resale store orders of goods, can also realize the voice description of goods details, WeChat circle of friends to show, online transactions and other functions. As a new member of the secondary market, "pat hand will be relying on the Jingdong platform, perfect transaction process, provide unused items for users one-stop solutions and new social shopping experience.


a key resold to let users do not fear "cut the hand of

pat second-hand APP biggest feature is to make full use of the social relationship chain and mobile transactions, to provide users with idle items solutions. Users can voice release, photo upload and other functions, the line to buy idle goods easily uploaded to the trading platform, through the WeChat circle of friends and other social media sharing.

is particularly worth mentioning is that the "pat used" APP opened the Jingdong order system, "a key resale in the Jingdong has to buy goods on the shopping mall. At present, PC end user login website of Jingdong store, in your order page, you can see every one of your purchase orders will appear behind a "key resale" button, a little easier, you can automatically sold to the "pat used" APP. The system generates a ID for users to trade. The habit of using the "pat used" APP users can directly use the Jingdong account login, click to open a key resold function, APP will jump out of user buy in Jingdong store baby list, click back baby, a key resale, you can easily set the transfer price, location, contacts and other information. Jingdong Mall for many years the formation of genuine, low-cost brand endorsement, so that through the pat second-hand APP transactions of second-hand goods become more secure, transparent. In addition, for other channels to obtain idle items, >


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