Ali mother massive freeze Taobao Commission


(pictured with the 2011 anti Taobao Union small sellers gathered Taobao headquarters)

recently received an anonymous webmaster broke the news, the effect is the recent mother Ali massive freeze Taobao Commission, freezing more people. Most of the reasons are traffic hijacking, the amount is not limited, there are a few hundred dollars, there are about one hundred thousand yuan high. This is that you can pay attention to the inside, one is to remind the novice Amoy, and also hope to attract more attention, let mom can also pay more attention to the problem.

from the extension type, do QQ group, Baidu know, SOSO ask, Forum promotion and promotion of pop. The webmaster cited an example: there is a Taobao account balance of 170 thousand passengers were sealed.


wanted to ask why his account was closed. But others dare not say, after all, he is not himself. But I can be said to have been popularized in their rules, just pop, and has been so promotion for more than a year, no problem. Last month, 15, suddenly received e-mail. Appeal for a month, they said it was a manual audit, but has been no contact with me, there is no echo during the previous few days to receive notice of the failure of the complaint.

later, the webmaster said @ Taobao union @ Ali mother black Taobao huge Commission litigation in Hangzhou Yuhang district court hearing, Alibaba to apply for commercial secrets on the grounds that the application is not a public hearing.



Taobao alliance changes, the Ministry instructed the investigation. Ma Ma admitted on 14 frozen 1309 Amoy nearly ten million Commission is not rational and public commitment will be 18 PM 5 points before the release of all accounts were frozen, involving hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions black hole,

But you know:

@ a mistake to freeze the tens of thousands of income, even if it is a fine penalty is no reason so much, do not give a clear reason, many people are frozen still don’t know where is wrong, not to mention the many charges are unwarranted, I’ve never seen the exploiters so shameless, even being scolded for sweatshop Foxconn, only a part of the income penalty to make mistakes but not all. There is a ratio of zhoupapi also ruthless role in it, tell us how to go to promote

on Taobao customers were sealed by the source said:

I was used to pop promotion. Before September 12th the rules change can be used with the popups, I also checked before their customer service. I have been using the window before this promotion, I have seven or eight station, a day before the total flow is 100 thousand IP or so, so pop income is also good, but also very satisfied.

from the point of view of the forum, a lot of people are the same, are using the same method to promote one or two years ago, there is no problem, but this


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