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Chinese domain name will usher in a glorious day

At present, the

domain name industry situation is moving in the direction of Chinese domain name, domain name Chinese will heat up in early next year.

is now a lot of fried friends as to whether the domain name into Chinese said hesitation, compared to today’s Chinese domain CN domain name registration fee, the price is too high. Although the Chinese domain name registration price of about 180 yuan, but it will not hinder the development of Chinese domain names. Chinese domain is expected to gradually take over the next few months, and have come down in price will be.

Chinese domain name as early as 2000 began to be registered until today has not been interrupted. Now, like the common popular vocabulary, such as entertainment, catering, tourism.Cn.Cn.Cn and so on are not likely to notice, because good Chinese meters has been the vision of those avant-garde registered first and renew to 10 years before and after. At present, there are some good meters down, but there are a lot of people to order, auction, and finally get the master must spend thousands of yuan, or even higher.

good Chinese domain names, although not, but it is worth our investment in the Chinese domain name or some. Chinese investment does not necessarily have to be registered as some can sell hard Toomey, you can go to the terminal domain name registration. Domain name investment is a matter of personal vision and luck, do not rely on their own moment of decision, if such a wanton note Chinese, toss a year in the hands of the words you may not be able to bear. Now the Chinese domain name price is expensive, do not have many and complex, to be less and fine.

with the popularity of the domain name, the Chinese domain name has been widely recognized, there will be more companies use Chinese domain names. Looking ahead, the domain name will no longer be in English, Chinese domain name will gradually embark on this gorgeous stage.

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