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Customer service is to improve the conversion rate, you do it



The process of

in the Taobao shop, customer service will often encounter a variety of buyers, what time in the sale of fix buyers is a very important link, therefore, customer service needs from which to take orders for


first is the change of address. According to incomplete statistics, every day in the Taobao online shopping in the emergence of the "pro" more than one hundred million times, can be said to be a flood of culture, in fact, is not to say that the title of what is not good, the fact that there are some buyers are quite disgusted. Therefore, if it is in the beginning stage can use this title, until after a period of time, it is recommended to use you will be better, so that buyers can feel the sincerity of customer service. If you use a little bit of a correction in the past, the buyer will feel too much enthusiasm, for the United states.

The first kind of

is facing the most common way to bargain buyers. For example, this skirt in the store is only 80 yuan to sell someone else, but you shop to sell $150, can it be cheaper?. Such buyers are the most common, as a customer, you need to have enough patience to explain to them the payment of goods where, for example, the fabric is imported, workmanship is very fine, one day only 100 pieces of goods etc.. If the buyer still can not give up, you can tell her that "we are the mall stores, the price is the company to develop a unified customer service, there is no right to give customers the benefit".

second is the act tough and talk soft type. In general this type of customers are golf clubs, for example if they feel good goods, next introduce colleagues or friends to buy, want to give a discount. This type of customer and customer service price has been more than 5 minutes, then you can analyze the buyer is very fond of this commodity, therefore, this time can be achieved by way of concessions. For example, small gifts, coupons, etc., can do good, also can promote the consumption of the two generation.

third is the difference is too large buyers bargain. For example, the price of this commodity is 300 yuan, buyers want to buy $120. If you do not have the patience of the customer service may be given up directly to the customer, but the patience of the customer service can guide her through the purchase of other specials, or you can also order this transaction.

The fourth kind of

is to use good language. In the peak period, a customer service may face dozens of customers, therefore, the response is not likely to lead to the loss of some buyers. This time to express pragmatic, such as: Hello, welcome you to visit our store, is now consulting peak, if not timely reply, please choose to go shopping, to bring you the inconvenience, please understanding! If buyers face this situation, to some extent, will increase the urgency, promote its rapid order.

fifth is sent to the courier


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