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V5shop less is more B2C enterprises do not Tandaqiuquan

recently participated in a creative program in Henan TV station, I had the honor to meet the domestic marketing Master Mr. Ye Maozhong, he said in guiding the player so I finish today, "less is the biggest sacrifice, reflecting the small value is". I contact to engage in the field of electronic commerce, some enterprises in the B2C in the aimless and blindly follow the trend really I really need to say.

is a main shirt manufacturers are going to sell women’s stockings, a website selling books, began to get involved in the home appliance industry…… Similar examples already It is often seen. in today’s B2C website, but like Eslite, Amazon has a strong strength and primary sources and rich accumulation of enterprise customers are few, simple imitation to later B2C enterprises became grotesque, originally a very attractive boutique, has become a ubiquitous grocery shop, lose their core competitive advantage is The loss outweighs the gain.

, what is more, it is the B2C site, but the design style of advocating first-class foreign e-commerce website, to pay for expensive functions and processes it is more complicated than consumers in shopping portals, like into the maze, or can not find the entrance check, or half a day to find customer service, or only by tradition the post office remittance bill, neither convenient nor practical, let the online shopping of skeptical consumers fled.

and most commonly, enterprises lack of B2C product planning and brand strategy, product sales of the products sold online and offline is similar, the price is not much difference, ignoring the consumers scouring the Internet is cheap and novelty "shopping psychology, B2C has gradually become a vase, if things go on like this, end as can be imagined.

so many factors have fully proved that B2C is more complex than C2C, and the need for rigorous planning and combing the previous. The most powerful B2C platform service provider V5SHOP B2C believes that the enterprise development must be specially lured by the small and large. "B2C is a chain of business, each link is not smooth, will lead to the efficiency of the whole system is not high, whether it is product planning, brand strategy, layout design, product management, sales management, advertising, customer management, payment and logistics are in need of professional design and layout." In general, a professional platform for service providers to build a personalized B2C platform of the enterprise the time required for not less than one month, the cost of not less than 100 thousand yuan, which can effectively ensure the stability of the platform, smooth and professional.

but thankfully, V5SHOP takes its essence from the electronic commerce experience for more than 7 years, successfully the core function of B2C is required to be presented in the form of standard software, and enterprises of different industries required personality in the form of plug-in function is perfect. This not only ensures that the V5SHOP B2C online shop software process is simple, superior performance, moderate cost, more suitable for the Chinese consumer psychology, but also to the different sectors of the customer are able to reflect their own characteristics, the largest


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