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Analysys detailed maternal electricity supplier strength matrix babe network leading industry trends

days ago, Analysys International released the "2016 annual report" comprehensive Chinese maternal electricity supplier. Report from the industry overview, user research and competitive landscape and other aspects, analyzes the current maternal and child electricity supplier industry. Analysys expects 2016 China maternal electricity supplier market size will reach 302 billion yuan. From the vertical electric power matrix report, babe network has been in the leading quadrant first, and the first to play the "mother economy" banner, continue to lead the industry development.


regression rational mother and child electricity supplier to seek differentiated competition

According to the report of the

based data analysis, with the rise of 85, 90 after the young generation, this is the main China digital consumers they have to as parents age, conception and consumer behavior to upgrade, resulting in the rapid development of the Internet baby market, at this stage of maternal electricity supplier is in a high-speed development stage in 2016, China articles online retail market transactions will reach 302 billion yuan, an increase of 37.6%.

report believes that in 2016 the mother and child electricity supplier market return to rational, vertical electricity supplier platform to seize the user’s consumption upgrade features, is seeking differentiation competition.

was the most prominent is the way ahead in recent years maternal electricity supplier market babe network. Babe network think mother holds the family for more than 80% of the consumer rights, including children, their mother and family three aspects of consumer demand, so to break the limit of traditional maternal babe network category electricity supplier, redefined the meaning to the electricity supplier maternal, maternal and child groups to provide products and services. At present, babe network starts around mother users continue to expand the category, at the same time, by improving the efficiency of the supply chain, to build a mobile shopping entrance mother economy ". For users, provide quality supply, babe network accuracy is recommended, more professional service has accumulated 50 million of female users.


strength matrix leader first quadrant


report once again announced in May this year APP month live ranking based on maternal electricity supplier, babe network topped the list, far more than other electricity providers. The mobile data service provider QuestMobile domestic well-known released data also show that this year 5 month live babe network number is 11 million 230 thousand, compared to fifth of the second industry and.

is also at the same time, Analysys of various electricity providers strength are analyzed. According to the report, the vertical electricity supplier to the babe network as the representative, the difference lies in the strength of maternal and child category as a breakthrough, and gradually extended to the Home Furnishing, such as beauty, build a consumer service platform based on the mother group as the core. Babe network carry "mother economy" banner, to create mobile shopping entrance to the crowd as the core of the mother. On the strength of the matrix, the babe in the first row, Analysys forecast, babe network in 2016 will continue to lead the maternal electricity supplier industry.



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