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Details determine the success or failure of e-commerce from the VANCL model can learn from the exper

vancl.com, a direct sales network by B2C company, one of the first men’s shirt sales oriented e-commerce platform, with its own unique corporate culture, marketing mode and marketing strategy in the fierce competition in the field of e-commerce success has opened up their own piece of heaven. Each one according to his lights, although the late VANCL business model caused some controversy. However, the marketing strategy is still worth learning from most e-commerce websites.

transposition thinking based on customer demand

first, "the customer is God", on the premise of the need to think more about the needs of god. Only when you stand in the customer’s position to consider the problem to understand what the customer needs. Your ultimate goal is to make money, but you can not mechanically regard customers as the object of money. This straightforward business will only make customers feel that you are a mercenary businessman, enterprise. And if the customer as the most intimate friend, for a way to deal with the customer, let them feel you are trustworthy, then can get the customer’s support and recognition.

preferential price is the basis of quality assurance is the fundamental

The factors that influence the success of an enterprise are diverse, but the product is the fundamental link between the enterprise and the customer, but also a direct way to reflect the corporate image of

. And everyone wants to buy cheap products, product production and sales only to capture this point and put into action to seize the hearts of customers. Although many e-commerce businesses are aware of this truth, but not much real. In order to ensure the high quality at the same time should be as much as possible to achieve low price, at the same price products do cost-effective is the sale of the product key.

attitude is the key aftermarket is guaranteed

attitude is everything, a good attitude is the key factor for the customer to feel God’s treatment. Customers tend to go through many contrasts before buying a product, or your product is not the most preferential price, quality is not the best, but you have a warm and sincere service attitude, customers get spiritual satisfaction in the psychology, to your shop has a good impression, then he may the most superior to abandon regardless of your products.

and after-sales service is the guarantee of all products. Purchase of goods can not avoid problems such as quality, after-sale is to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers barrier. A good seller will provide a good after-sales service, rather than selling products to take care of the attitude, such short-term benefits will only lead to the customer’s next visit.

timely logistics is an important part of

e-commerce network to obtain long-term development of the basic requirements in addition to the above points also include timely logistics distribution. Everyone in the purchase of goods have a desired value, logistics speed is also an important factor affecting consumer expectations. Customers will be able to enjoy the pleasure of this product as soon as possible. >


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