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The survival and development of shopping guide website

B2C and C2C site is directly facing the customer’s site, and in the B2C and C2C site after the existence of a group, that is, shopping guide website. Shopping guide website is the electronic commerce provides discounted merchandise information, recently listed product analysis, customer feedback, rebate credit card information website, e-commerce services website, also known as the work of e-commerce website.

in the tide of e-commerce in this kind of website survival space in the end how much will it be in the process of transformation of the site of this kind of website disappear, just a product of the process. For example, B2C’s own website to provide more space for customer, C2C site dedicated to providing such services, shopping guide website is not just caught in the survival of the cracks, difficult to survive, and even decline. After all, the market competition is harsh, follow the law of market development, the emergence of new things, then there will be the disappearance of things.

shopping guide site analysis:

1 in recent years, the shopping site will not be too much competition, because China e-commerce market has just started, the electronic commerce from itself or from the market environment are blank. The shopping guide website to make up for this blank. E-commerce is in a period of rapid development, but also to seek the development of shopping guide website.

2 in the slowly development has accumulated a lot of loyal customers of the website will have a greater competitive advantage, customer stickiness determines based website development.

3 shopping guide website business model to develop along with the development of e-commerce market, if the development lags behind the electronic commerce, is likely to lose the new market, may not adapt to the new electronic commerce mode.

4 shopping guide website interactivity and flexibility superior to e-commerce website, can give customers a good communication platform, to create a comprehensive platform.

is currently a large number of shopping guide website, but relatively well-known Tesco network, famous shopping network and other sites have local channels. Then the regional shopping guide website in the website to bring what? According to the construction of local economic development, human environment and other factors of e-commerce shopping guide website, local characteristics of this kind of website is very strong, especially appealing to you in the shopping area, then with electronic commerce and local differentiation is clear, the shopping site local characteristics, at least not yet this argument. At present, the city is a large number of regional discount sites, such sites offer discount shopping information, as well as activities such as commercial information, local channels can learn from the discount site model.

shopping guide website is the product of the development of e-commerce, along with the development of e-commerce, shopping guide website will also have a lot of patterns. At present, a single model can not meet the needs of the popularization and development of e-commerce. Shopping is one of the most basic business activities, that is, no matter when there will be shopping activities. So our shopping guide website is out of the current mode, >


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