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Analysis of news marketing effect helps to avoid the webmaster

now many media launched a news source soft marketing, because news source soft marketing, compared with ordinary forum marketing, more obvious advantages, so to get many webmaster friends of all ages, but unfortunately, the number of real news source to use soft Wen for marketing webmaster friends is still relatively rare. Because in their eyes, soft Wen is good news, but for the final marketing effect heart or not! Especially some personal webmaster, under the pressure of the capital, are often unable to


in the final analysis, is the webmaster friends for the news marketing effect is still not the end in mind, especially the launch of the news marketing service in the major media, the overwhelming positive propaganda effect, but let the news to marketing webmaster friends had no confidence, after all, any kind of marketing method has two sides. If you are a landslide, this marketing method itself does not comply with the philosophy, and here I come to the webmaster friends to share, the specific effect of the news soft marketing


let’s look at the news marketing advantage! Many webmaster friends may from many news media, the soft media saw the exaggerated effect, the following author to these exaggerated effect do a true


: a news article can often in the Baidu news column, to obtain the relevant keywords home treatment, so to help the webmaster friends increase the soft exposure rate, if soft Wen wrote the well, it may also get more reproduced! This can greatly reduce their own marketing work


two: many authoritative media, such as Sina, the Sohu recommended news portal, will enhance your own web site, or to promote a product brand, because in people’s mind, are people with type Birds of a feather flock together. if your site or product, obtained the authority of the media recommendation, it will naturally improve product or web site. The credibility of the many, this is also the reason why the CCTV advertising than other TV advertising expensive! And that’s why many products stars to do need, also is the use of the

Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together.!

three: the use of soft news, help their website promotion long tail keywords ranking, because the source of the news website weight is relatively high, if the anchor text links to add long tail keywords in the news soft inside, it is very easy to their site’s long tail keywords ranking up! Don’t look down on the long tail keywords marketing ability, have the data show that the long tail keywords generated traffic conversion rate and sales ability more and more important in the Internet marketing, has become the key to decide whether the

website profit!The news source soft marketing

above is not let you heartache? But don’t forget, any good method will have corresponding defects, the greater the advantages, disadvantages are also more often, the author can analyze the disadvantages of the news soft marketing


A: Although the news soft Wen in the news column >


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