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I did not return home to

after graduating from college, Huai original world of heroic ideal in Kunming to find a job. Tired all day long, every year to the end of the year when the children hurried back to his hometown in Shandong new year, there is a time or thirty children to the house at night. Every year is like this, is to feel that kind of deep feelings.

I’m getting bigger, or single in the city. For a long time, high load of work let me very tired, so I have this year to parents received Kunming to new year’s idea. Call home, although parents do not agree, but they still understand me. A few days before the new year, my parents came to Kunming, this Spring Festival, our family decided to live in Kunming. In fact, I also know the reason why parents are not willing to spend the Spring Festival here, after all, the region is so far away, the Spring Festival Customs of all are not the same, say, how far from the home new year with relatives contact ah, and diet, accommodation is not used is also a big problem. I also understand the difficulties of parents, although they do not say, but I can see it, so I was determined to let them have a home like the spring festival.

I’m worried about how to spend this special Spring Festival these days. The traditional thought, and don’t know what is the traditional custom; a modern thought, but it is not clear how this place in Kunming. One day I was walking in the street, suddenly saw an advertisement slogan: "the Spring Festival, on the". A closer look, the original name of the site is the "Spring Festival" three words Pinyin. It is very easy to understand it, but also very good ah. Back home, I opened the computer, because the name so good to remember, I do not spend any time to find the site. Open the front page of the site, the eye is red flowers base, to give a very warm feeling, and after all Chinese for Confidante color or preference, the Chinese new year, the map is booming. The site is fully opened, I found that this site is really a lot of things is my heart suffering to find ah. I immediately called my parents, and they find what we need for the new year. Soon, my story in the Spring Festival Chinese New Year custom search to the north, looking at that kind of description, I also like back to childhood good time at home, I took me to follow the traditional ideas and customs of the Spring Festival my parents said, they are happy Gebulongzui, requirements I have to arrange the new year according to introduce this website of the customs. At the same time, I also found many couplets on this site, this can let my father broke up, he kept his well down, asked me to buy the "scholar’s four jewels", at home, my father wrote a few couplets, looked at the vigorous words, like a happy father the child. Follow the prompts on the site, I bought a lot of food, the mother cook, do a lot of food for the new year to eat in the north. Moreover, I also found a lot of new year’s message on this website, well, can


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