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SEO Combat high quality user experience to help you before the raid three row rank


search engine ranked in the top three websites will take industry flow of 75%, this is the webmaster and SEOer kept using the technology refresh ranked the top three reasons on the. In order to find the rules of the current search engine algorithm, in order to get the top three ranking position, the most important thing is to meet the user experience, the only way to make the site as far as possible before the rankings. However, this one also has a misunderstanding, the so-called user experience is not a single demand to meet, but to meet the needs of the integrated user, or that is a whole. Therefore, the author Dennis to together with everybody today is to study how to combat SEO needs to achieve through the comprehensive ranking of the top three positions.

said to meet the user experience, we first think of non web content is. However, the open source network environment, the search engine is not the lack of content, but high-quality products. We can clear, we want to build is not that the network is disaster caused by flooding water content, but the user demand, can help users to solve problems, to meet the information needs. This is essential to the analysis of user data. We are still under the "SEO" as the theme of this SEO combat exercise.

search "SEO", we see the drop-down content: 1, SEO query; what is the, SEO, 3, SEO tutorial; 4, SEO optimization.

relative to the key words of the relevant recommendations are: 1, SEO;, SEO, what is the, SEO, Taobao, SEM.

so we can analyze the user needs of the search SEO can be determined as follows: 1, SEO concepts include; 2, SEO technology learning; the trend of the future of the SEO, 4, for the purpose of the mall site SEO way.

clear user demand after we looked back and forth about "SEO" to display the contents of the Baidu home page, mostly single for a problem to solve, but also provide users with information and no way of mall website optimization. Click on the page after we see a list of knowledge points, and there is no focus for the user to answer the question of SEO.

understand the shortcomings of these sites, the next is our working hours.

According to

website content single, Dennis recommend the SEO website best developed into thematic. The SEO query, knowledge, teaching video and so on are placed in different topics, and to the most prominent place in the home page can provide information website. In each of the knowledge points and teaching video pages can be downloaded directly to the document or address, the user can enter the user can learn or save at the time to learn according to their own circumstances. This allows users to extend the stay time on the page.

, then, is the question of SEO’s future. Because Google had previously said that they would be shielded


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