How to attract tens of thousands of fans

no matter what the industry, are veteran to earn little money. Every White has to be cheated countless times the experience of being fooled, it is to pay the tuition, and then to grow rapidly.

some white after several blows, fell. Only the mentality of the best white, able to hold on, go farther.

said it wasn’t for a bowl of chicken soup. I also compare the chicken soup Li Zhiwen, read very tall, a little practical effect. After reading, why do.

today saw a lot of articles on the operation of the media, the more the more headaches, other people’s model is good, and then the method of force, once implemented, there is a big difference. Is it so hard to get a fan? I sum up two points: first, to provide value, shape value. Two, drainage.

what is the value of


, in essence, is to meet a certain demand, why the teacher is so hot, it means everything.

so how to provide value?

micro business as an example, in the sale of the mask, the first consideration is not how to promote, how to brush circle of friends? But what can bring to the customers? The customer needs is not a small mask, but the grass root become handsome male, female grass root become beautiful. So a small mask can dominate everything?


derivative to realize that they are not selling mask, but the cause of beauty, every grass root dream with you. Then you can insist on sharing knowledge to influence more people. In the process of gradual accumulation of influence, what is not difficult to sell.

how to create value?

, for example, three workers in the construction site walls, people ask what are they doing? The first man snappily said: walls, did you see


second laughs: we’re building a tall building. Third smiling faces: we are building a new city.

10 years later, the first person is still in the walls, the second of them became engineers, and third people, is the former owner of two people.

before you can create value, you have to realize that what you bring is a super high value. Then what value can be brought about by rethinking

?The reason why the

sea fishing is so famous is that he is very good service, the customer as a father to take care of. You regard the customer as the father, the customer only regards you as the son.

I do not understand the micro providers do not do micro business, from an outsider’s point of view of micro business, not the mask to sell, sell the trust. Micro business popular in the circle of friends, the whole bad, no trust in your friends. Don’t keep the scraper, the sun.

can write articles, details of their products, as well as their own, and try to share. If you know how to sell clothes with a very powerful clothing, do not need to introduce clothing for the customer how good, and


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