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Beverage manufacturers how to use WeChat public platform marketing

WeChat is the most popular social interaction platform this year, a lot of companies use WeChat public accounts to carry out marketing services. At the same time, a lot of results have been obtained. Beverage manufacturers this year has also integrated into a lot of Internet elements, such as Coca-Cola’s private custom drinks, so that Coca-Cola earned eyeballs. Only occupy the entrance of the Internet in order to bring more value to the enterprise brand. Beverage manufacturers each year to carry out promotional activities. Most of the website shopping coupons and prizes QQ play props, all is the need for awarding the rice based on computer.

drinks of consumers across many industries, the use of computer online lottery is single, everyone has a smart mobile phone may not have the computer, and WeChat as a new social networking tool, currently has 400 million users, a mobile phone or a basic hand is more than two mobile phone. Use WeChat to complete the awarding service is convenient for the users to send text messages while saving the cost of mobile phone users. So how to use WeChat marketing?

beverage manufacturers how to carry out WeChat marketing

beverage manufacturers have hundreds of millions of bottles or tube sales every year. Have more user base for the development of WeChat marketing lay the foundation. Beverage manufacturers in the beverage packaging printed on their own WeChat public account two-dimensional code, consumers only need to gently scan, you can add WeChat public account concerns beverage manufacturers brand. The beverage maker public platform can be completed two online lottery function.

The public account

users concerned, CDK encoding input on the beverage bottle, sent to the public account, automatically awarding prizes, can use mall coupons. QQ props or a dollar bill. Winning the user to reply to their cell phone number or QQ number, complete the award. Eliminates the tedious process of online lottery. The use of WeChat lottery takes around 20 seconds to complete. At present, the liquor manufacturers announced the use of WeChat public platform to carry out a WeChat focus on activities.

Brand WeChat

users need more attention after the user push and the beverage related information, or awarding activity information, how to interact with WeChat’s friends, increase the consumer to drink brand viscosity. At the same time, WeChat public platform can also be a lot of manufacturers and consumers to communicate platform. Http://s.seocun.com/article/changshang-weixin-yingxiao.html reprint please indicate the source, respect for network copyright.


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