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Subversion of traditional nternet marketing you will be a new generation of marketing

The traditional

Internet Marketing? How do you see the title, is not feeling a little surprised, of course, I say the traditional Internet marketing refers to the marketing thinking short-lived business, users buy your products to give you the money, that give a word you praise is successful marketing. This is the traditional marketing, that is, a hammer trading.

step by step telephone visit old customers

there are a lot of companies, found that every day to find new customers is better to maintain the old customer is more favorable, so from time to time to give an old customer a phone call about the use of the product. A similar approach is the Tencent’s marketing and promotion of Baidu QQ, two examples of this is typical of the chiefs of operations of the company, the turnover at the company for 2 months, the product used half a month, basically did not have a phone to visit. Not for anything else, but you will not use, can not find people to solve, but they also have a little bit of selfishness, in order to let you say good reputation.

step by step to invite old customers to participate in activities

has a new activity first discount old customers, I believe we all know which is the company’s consistent style, in addition to mobile, telecom, China Unicom operators to do so, the other rarely seen to do so. The main reason is the operator of the product belongs to consumer products, so it is the first time to notify preferential activities or old customers, for old customers, the surface of kindness, is actually the old customer marketing. This does not, the day before yesterday also received a phone call Unicom, said free to send me a cell phone, but to pay a one-time 300 yuan bill, and then calls into account for the next 12 months.

the old customers and old customers as marketing

is a group of so-called SEO training institutions, their SEO technology I don’t admire, but I have to admire the marketing of their technology, when there are people to join their VIP training, they will through the forum for the two time marketing of students, is also in the forum for them to open an account, can post, free download VIP video. The seemingly perfect system, but also hidden mystery, students can download at the same time, to increase the popularity of the forum by the forum, to increase activity, attract more traffic. Even asked to go to the YY class students must change their vest. Of course, I’m not just talking about SEO training institutions in this regard, including millet forum, hammer forum is also used similar methods.

marketing old customers as old customers to marketing

is a more powerful force and old customers to help you propaganda, WeChat, such as: you download a software, to invite 10 people to use his software, otherwise you have to recharge before using one of two, most for free, hard in the QQ group, WeChat free to help them promote. There are a lot of people, the use of WeChat, such as: free underwear, 3 people earn a 17 million, by giving away free underwear, but the buyer to give praise, but also to pay shipping costs, but also expensive freight.

new marketing


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