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network to promote the operation of the process, no doubt is to gain access to the network to promote the accumulation of resources, the project is very arduous. The Internet is a platform for sharing resources, who can persist in the use of these resources, then his chances of success will be much larger.

believe a lot of friends every promotion work is nothing more than a forum, QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and some of the most commonly used method, but few people can through these methods bring a lot of traffic and sales. Some people can not help but complain that these resources are used by people who do not love the use of resources, do rotten, what effect can be." Is my own lottery website construction site in the promotion process, the effect of these methods is not obvious. What do site promotion skills, I believe we have some experience on the hand. So I from the promotion of their own experience and share some of the promotion skills, of course, more importantly, to explain why the site should focus on promotion.

1, QQ promotion

QQ is nothing more than: "QQ promotion including friends group promotion, promotion, promotion space", and then you do, but after doing some time to find friends, advertising no one, no one to send advertising space, QQ group do not add, add after the advertisement was T. Then you think this method is not suitable for me, I want to do something else, but you think you do what is failure? Do promotion lottery website construction of site, I often encounter the above difficulties, but I did not give up. QQ group I have the opportunity to have time to add, regardless of work or work, crazy plus QQ group, and then add a group of friends, advertising is T, after a QQ name, continue to add. In such a strength to promote, for my lottery website construction site has brought a lot of traffic.

2, Forum promotion

a lot of people also know the importance and benefits of BBS promotion, but always can not find a way. Do the lottery website construction site promotion forum, is constantly rebuffed, registered forum account, send some advertising things, not be deleted, is the title. After studying for a period of time, I also accumulated some experience in the promotion of the forum.

is the preferred forum to promote early, I will not casually in the net to find two articles and links the lottery website to build my full irrigation, I will write some articles, just published articles, did not do any promotion means, to raise the level of bad account behind is not much high, do promotion in start slowly. I will not do this for each forum, not so much time so many original articles, I usually choose 3 to 4 high quality forum, other forums or simply to send links, the account was closed in the registration, post was deleted in the hair. Forum is the need to promote our spirit, adhere to adhere to.

said that the promotion process is actually a process of accumulating resources, but we


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