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Network marketing tips clever use of popular micro-blog increase site traffic

A topic two days before micro-blog

fire is relatively "Fifty shades of grey" search, building I think doing an experiment might be able to bring traffic to your site! Time or a good network marketing tips! You can use


in micro-blog’s search box enter the fifty degree gray through the selection of micro-blog, get hot or more fire micro-blog, as shown below:


get the popular micro-blog and expand the comments!


This picture is

to disclose the information needs of the people all the time, as long as the video now I push him he needs to see the site will click on view, so the key to push, what, how to push, how


push what:

1, find the video, this video to ensure real and effective, and upload to SkyDrive! I chose the Baidu


2, the video has been uploaded to private sharing, access to extract the code and share the URL of the Baidu cloud extract code and share the URL to copy and paste in a TXT document!

3, you will want to promote the site directly paste in this document!

4 Click Save, and then compress the file, and then uploaded to the Baidu cloud, open sharing, copy and share links

how to push:

1, micro-blog found in the previous review, in the comments reply simple words (keywords) + share links

2, in the micro-blog of the latest comment on the video and the needs of people to reply or private letter content!.



in a short period of time to share the link has been downloaded several times, as shown in Figure:


here does not show the time to visit the site’s independent IP!

today in March 3rd, I went to the floor before the micro-blog view, found that the demand is still quite a lot of people, you can also do this network promotion!



push to ensure that the content is pushing real need! Join web site, because people want to slip of the hands, into the site visit, access to web traffic! Maybe some people will say that in this way lead to access is not too long, but that without time to prove himself in practice do not easily conclusions! I can tell you this is a good way to increase site traffic! To increase user retention time, this requires the content of your site is the user’s needs, value! This is not in.


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