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Social marketing WeChat + Mobile Shopping guide is a big business


text / Chen Chao (authorized Sohu IT exclusive release)

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Sohu WeChat’s rapid development soon let people glare, a time WeChat has become the most important entrance of the mobile Internet, so that every step will bring the industry more imagination. Such as WeChat to change the pattern of mobile electricity supplier, WeChat will become a tool for the precise marketing of electricity supplier frequently cited.

there is no doubt that WeChat will move regardless of which direction the development, there will be someone here to dig for gold, and dug the first pot of gold is likely to be the mobile shopping guide.

The potential of

on mobile shopping guide, in fact, needless to say, Pinterest, beauty and mogujie.com, these shopping guide in the field of upstart, not only tens of millions of dollars in financing income, from Taobao, Tencent have to alert, forcing Taobao also launched a mobile shopping guide followed by a series of products (Amoy, found love shopping, push push). Mobile shopping guide has become an indisputable fact that online shopping has become an important entrance.

now with the launch of WeChat’s public platform, mobile shopping guide can usher in the second spring. The first spring mobile shopping guide, micro-blog should be the overall increase, mogujie.com and beauty that have been gained from the original accumulation of users, the number of users soared. WeChat now. The original user base coupled with WeChat to the order of magnitude of the open platform, fishing for more users just a matter of time.

and these grassroots shopping guide in the public account on the basis of what can be more than the electricity supplier up with WeChat


1 people love online shopping, they may not pay attention to every business or brand in WeChat, for example, he used to buy things in the mobile phone Taobao, he will install a Taobao APP, but also with a Taobao or mogujie.com. This is because he is used to the service he has chosen and recommended.

2 when the user needs to move the shopping guide he idle down while there is a potential demand to buy time – fragmentation time. WeChat as the most popular products on the mobile Internet, has become an important part of the occupation of fragmentation time. WeChat to complete a mobile shopping guide has become possible.

3 shopping guide class account form of marketing is more secretive than businesses, more easily accepted. For example, from time to time to engage in a little taste test activities, can also encourage users to share the sun, by the user, providing information such as mall rebate. Compared with the simple business discount promotional information, it is not easy to dislike.

4 WeChat do mobile providers to work is still very difficult to win Taobao, Taobao in the development of mobile Internet, much faster than any of its competitors, and Taobao has been in WeChat mobile shopping — Taobao search public number WeChat abacus. As long as you can add the WeChat public number can be based on the search dialog to obtain product information.

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