Clerk more than a month 150ip to 2000ip, may

I am a clerk with the website related work is to upload the file manager before the trip down; give me a word: about a month to 2000 ip.

ip150 to 2000 in the end how far?

The boss of

that is in the traditional SP, years ago built the site the most hot 3G network (sometimes he would say is acuti 3G, because the company name with acuti two words, I still feel the heat of the 3G network is good, easy to remember) is mainly to provide mobile phone download, mobile phone games, mobile phone movie customized ringing tone mobile phone, mobile phone software, books and other resources download. I was from the online and then uploaded, but mobile phone movie and mobile phone game is "hotlinked".

let me engage in traffic, but even I had never heard the word! And PV! To ask my classmates for help, they are not very professional, see our website is the total title (a professional word) is the same, this is not good! And what page of the East West don’t write. I hasten to make the program change. He also said to make static, but we don’t get good program. I can’t do it.

traffic is now slightly higher IP is generally more than and 200, about 220, PV is the point of more than 1 thousand. From the requirements of the boss is still far away, my classmates said that Baidu has not been included in the revised web page, but sometimes more home page. Google just adds a few pages. IP is still on the go!

my classmate said and chinaz. Com a lot of optimization experts, I suggest that I write a request for help! I hope you can help me with the diagnosis of the site to optimize some of the views, I am very grateful!

hottest 3G nets:

my qq:369297754 please explain the website optimization.

hope you help me, thank you!


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