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The success of the site planning one continuous innovation and excellence

values began from the planning, operating a platform planning is important, do the planning of the people must be proficient in column structure planning, user experience planning, promotion planning, profit model planning and marketing planning. Must have the courage to innovate, the spirit of courage.

learn advanced models, grasp their goals. Adhere to the pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation, not mediocrity. This is the basic elements of planning. China Internet competition is so fierce, how can you stand with others does not have what difference, is behind the development of the market, you where? Of course, "as long as the efforts, there will always be paid in return. As for earning more than you earn, it’s your investment." The only point of entry, on the excavation of new ideas beyond others, as long as your creative ideas to attract users, indicating that the planning idea is feasible.

domestic B2C e-commerce business model, in ten years, doing better to Dangdang excellence as the representative of the B2C business model, the website of the business are more rational, have their own clear business model. To Amoy to the treasure in the treasure of the B2C e-commerce website, its profit model is not the three: technical service fee, transaction commission, quality margin. Practical approach is to rely on the existing resources and advantages, in-depth excavation of market demand, looking for profit point. All B2C e-commerce platform is based on the service oriented commodity trading, can continue to go on.

B2C is the three pillar, one is the demand level, we need to know where our customers are, and then how we go to a shorter time, lower cost to find more customers. The second part is the supply level, we find customers later, how do we provide better products, the product life cycle of the better, promotional activities do better. The first part is the domestic B2C marketing, find consumers, and then attract him, I believe there are a lot of experts, there are more ways of marketing, then I will tell you that B2C is a good marketing mode, auction activities and activities named Indiana indiana. Good development of the online auction situation, indicating that consumers buy the concept of change in the product, the market is hot and scarce commodities, such as: Apple iPhone 4 mobile phones in the mainland market is difficult to buy. There is such a platform to give a cap price for members of the free auction. The name of the product is more challenging, according to the information provided by the members of the site information to the name of the goods to the intelligence, the winner can get free site offers prizes. These two simple activities, not only can improve the sales of suppliers, but also to the site to bring popularity and interaction, do a platform if there is no interaction, it will lose the value of the site.

these two ideas are really good, really worth learning and appreciation. We plan to always do to keep fresh, do not have others. Planning is a kind of thinking innovation, planning is the soul of creativity. Operation of a platform, planning is the most important. When you really want to do a platform, remember to do


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