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Bo Yang Baidu know the platform to share questions and answers marketing promotion method

with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more network promotion methods. Such as blogs, forums, micro-blog, WeChat, etc.. At the same time, the use of Baidu know their own product promotion is one of the network promotion methods as everyone knows, the marketing question and answer method not only promote their own products, but also bring a certain amount of browsing to their website. But also because Baidu is known to belong to Baidu, and Baidu’s audit has always been very strict, basically with a link to the answer must be through the audit, but the adoption rate of Baidu is not high. On the other hand, is a problem, if the answer involves too many malicious brush experience but it is easy for the title, and Baidu account a number a long time. So do Baidu know Q & a promotion is extremely difficult. But also can not give up such a good platform for the promotion of these issues. So Xiaobian to share my experience in the promotion of it, we hope to have some help.

do Baidu promotion, first of all have to prepare work, the premise of the work must have a Baidu account, Baidu account quality is must pay attention to. Baidu has been mentioned in front of the account is more difficult to raise. There are many matters needing attention when asking or answering a question, believe it will be a title. Therefore, in response to the question, we have to answer the question, to try to answer the truth, from the questioner or the question itself to answer. If you are from other places to see someone asked similar questions, the content of others copied directly, so also to integrate into their own language, not the original version directly without a little modification to answer up, this answer by the relatively low rate of. Introduction so many people must feel that Baidu Q & a marketing promotion is too complicated, can not help but ask there is no shortcut to do anything in fact there is a shortcut, Baidu Q & a marketing is no exception. Here to introduce a Bo Baidu know software http://s.xinquanyou.cn. Bo is a software can automatically answer the question, answer the content are artificial real answer, so do not have to worry about answering the question of the content of the repeated authenticity.

Bo Yang Baidu know software (http://s.xinquanyou.cn) through mutual aid principle, realize the real online interactive hook account, thus completing the Baidu know the answer, ask the same comments, and so on, also can use free and bound to account hook, earn points, Baidu task through binding account hook.


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