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On the way to take the road of personal marketing ideas

before listening to many of my friends said that the site linked to what alliance cannot reach the real effect. But our ability is limited as some say do.

moderator satisfactory

here is related to their own search for local customers, together with the exploration of marketing through the website.

1 recharge cards, game cards and a series of prepaid card business. Before this I mention, many friends said that profit is very small, it is difficult to do this. I don’t deny. Friends, you just start doing a site not to flow around? Even if the other station group PR at the end of the rapid increase in the speed of the railway station. Your operations and card sales became a problem. When a personal ability to see here. He will always have light technology for executives and planners written code. I say me here at the Taobao transaction in a business. I forgot the address now. I couldn’t find it. The other is established in the Taobao mall, online payment, online recharge. See the official site of.Jsp on the side of development, 06 years of registration, 07 year program in the operation. All cards sales including QQ card, China Unicom, mobile, TV card, Movie card Sales volume is very large.

said that in fact this thing must have a profit space, there are two difficulties:

(1) if we are to network company or friends find cards, maybe the price will be much cheaper. So even if Never mind just a man, I asked the Jiangsu area card, 50 to 49100 to 98.5. in fact this thing is to rely on their own.

(2) is as I said above, if a sound card sales system (the company QQ cards sold 200 thousand copies, mobile more than 140 thousand. This data until this morning).

friends don’t see the little, if you want to make money. Together in Wenzhou tower sand. The business on a routine is the less of the walk Fadacai.

2 adult supplies

city are very good looking, I was looking for the basic is to do a local mall, avoid direct keywords commonly used general large flow keywords, direct localization, for those people as long as they search the localization of the first row, that you say, you can think about technology. Time is very convenient (rule out the bidding). The supply of profit to you about technique. To tell his own advantage, in fact this time, don’t be too honest. He said before the people network selling cosmetics, a monthly volume of many. Of course not to say specific figures. Even later were not many, also can say of the industry will need more than the previous industry in-depth study.

here you find wholesalers generally do not say anything, this year there is no business who do not really look for the same access to the " ".

3 local yellow pages search, search the city business, a city.


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