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How to quickly build a 50 thousand powder WeChat public number

these 2 days there are several public friends to visit me, and they talked a lot about the number of public suction powder and operational aspects of things. The 2 friends are expert, have millions of fans operating experience, and the left hand is almost a million public number of fans. There is a friend who is a man from the beginning of the age of the fans to do, is an old hand, so he makes the experience of the fans is quite enough of the. Another is to do QQ and QQ space marketing, was working in the factory. Later, a method to study QQ space, so that he earned a lot of money.


do QQ space this is the webmaster of our mutual friends, you came to ask me a lot of questions, so I was very impressed. Last night he said suddenly my company downstairs, I said that was up to drink tea. Later, I looked at the car keys hanging on the body, by the way, is open to the tiger. There is also a reference to do so from the public to do the transformation of the number of micro-blog is also very powerful, in 2014 the number of public business so that he earned at least 1 million, in addition to doing a lot of large up. I thought my usual is how many expert, I do not know. I really want to see about 2 of them come out together, so that they can communicate with each other under the.

well, I don’t want to do this. So these 2 people actually have one thing in common, so what do they have in common?

first common ground:

before the public numbers have the resources, but also rely on their own research to do up the resources, but also to do the business of fans. A millions of QQ fans, before he was cloned by QQ, bought hundreds of thousands of QQ envelope, and then log on to these QQ friends inside the clone to a QQ, cloned into a certain number of after put these friends to delete into one-way, one-way can do good friends before. After a period of operation, he has a few million fans QQ number, just pick up thousands of thousands of ads a day. But it was cleared by the Tencent, and now it’s not done. (some time ago heard a friend brought by looking for the previous version of QQ installed to one-way operation, because the previous version is one-way can delete friends, do not know whether it is true, not verified) these QQ envelope I used to have a lot, but will not use the QQ gave a lot to others.

and a friend is former micro-blog fans, is to do research on its own, it was hot for 2 months to do 2 million fans, a penny advertising are used. Every day in addition to eating is a research test. There is communication, because there is no communication you may not think of a lot of time.

second common points

is not to do the company’s cloud, is to rely on a part-time job or is called a wife to help maintain the next day, in fact, so there is no cost, but you can make money. I used to be


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