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Give you a brand to make it worth billions of dollars

if you have a brand on the hand, but you do not know how to run it, what to do? This is to provide you with an idea, I hope you can help do you clear your mind and create a good brand value.

For the convenience of

, I suppose a brand, Smith electric water heater, assuming that the brand does not come to China, it is still in the United States supermarkets accept the decline in performance of the facts, but your company is very lucky, the Chinese area agency to take down, so now the question is how you in the China land to build the brand, make it infinite value. We use six steps to achieve it.


1 you don’t have to rush to do

first, the first thing you need to do is not to do anything in a hurry.

when you do not know the specific brand value and the local market situation, do not rely on experience to carry out the plan, there will be a lot of homogenization of ills.

how do you start? First, is home to a water heater, you must deeply understand its performance used this product personally to see how much information is lost, from personal experience to the consumer’s attention. Even if you are a man, let you run sanitary napkins, you have to pad, look around.




has a subjective experience, let us look at the fact that aspects of the work, you need to understand the value of the brand, in addition to the use value and cultural value, I do want to give value details, as shown in the figure, you need to get these information are collected, and lay the foundation for product positioning behind.


2 identifies product positioning and product mix

when you really understand these things, things to do, the second big thing is that you want to determine the product positioning and product structure, these two concepts are complementary to each other.

first of all we said about brand positioning, this is the starting point of all choices in a nidea, but far-reaching influence, must have a keen market sense of smell and the future development of the ability to control, this is for the long process, regardless of this, we focus on that a methodology.

positioning in several ways:



had introduced the brand positioning, we will talk about the structure of the brand, when you know your own position, you need a division of population structure, population structure and corresponding to the division of your product structure, brand structure to plan your map, as follows.




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