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, it is SEOer who are concerned about the site, and one of the daily work will be checked. The search engine of the content on the website included snapshot, although not directly affect website ranking, but we can find high quality articles to be included, will bring natural unpredictable traffic to a site, it can be hard than we do outside the chain is much better. Because you can not completely statistics, it will bring you the number of reprint the chain. Well, today the author Dennis to see a good article, it can help to understand how the SEOer operation can attract more search engines, so the combination of the author’s own do optimization experience to share.

first, the site content title settings.

title is a generalization of the content on the website, the title settings can help visitors understand the contents of the article, we can place keywords in title, this position is far greater than the internal part of the end. Of course, in the layout of the title should be simple and clear, not too long, otherwise it will cause the illusion of accumulation of keywords.

second, website content quality.

The quality of the content of

website is an important standard of whether the search engine can be included, like humans, even as the program for fresh spider grab article are much larger than those of pick up. If your site is a high degree of originality and something different, then it will give the site users do not have the same value information, but also generate added value, such a site will be more than the content of seconds.

third, website content update frequency.

web site content updates will make the search engine "distribution" to the site a fixed time to climb, once this time is determined, then you have a certain degree of credit rating network site. So we have to do in this time fixed update, and in the first ten minutes after the crawl to update the article, so you can improve your credit value. And once you break the fixed update frequency, then your site will give spider a "cheat", will affect the credit of your site. So the same to keep the site updated frequency, perseverance.

fourth, the site chain layout.

we know that the production of the chain is mainly in order to high degree of correlation within the site together, increase the relevance of the site, but also play a role for the user to recommend. For the search engine, the formation of the inside of the map will increase the depth and breadth of the site crawling, but also a polling station. Of course, the chain is the same, and is not, even be considered excessive and The loss outweighs the gain. optimization. So the chain must be sure to grasp a degree, every five hundred words in the article – 1 links can be.

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