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LNE growth story flying and worries behind the 100 million users


Japanese version of WeChat LINE is rapidly growing into one of the most popular mobile phone software. Two years to get to one hundred million, the Japanese version of WeChat LINE is still flying, but worries have begun to appear.

two years, users exceeded 100 million

, Japan’s WeChat, LINE announced on Wednesday that nearly two years after its release, it has exceeded 100 million users worldwide. The first mobile IM application for earthquake relief and health, is one of the fast growth for the most popular mobile phone software, WhatsApp, WeChat and Kakao meet as equals with rivals such as Talk.

currently, LINE’s main user base from Japan, but it is the largest search engine developed by South Korea NHN Naver. South Korea has a pedigree, but became famous in Japan, which has a great relationship with the background of the birth of LINE.

March 2011, Eastern Japan suffered severe earthquake and tsunami disaster. The disaster destroyed a large number of communications infrastructure, although Japan’s mobile phone network can still be used, but the quality of service greatly reduced. At the same time, the damage to the Internet is relatively small. As a result, the development of NHN Naver branch in Japan, LINE, provides another option outside the telecommunications network.

LINE was originally designed to facilitate contact with the victims, so in addition to the basic text chat, highlighting the free voice call function. Since its launch in June 2011, it has been warmly welcomed by the Japanese people. In the same year in October, LINE users approaching 4 million; in December exceeded 10 million; in the following year in February to break through in the year of April, a breakthrough of 30 million in. Today, this figure has reached 100 million.

last December, LINE entered the China, also announced as part of operation data in July last year: the amount of information LINE every day to send up to 100 million; Japan’s intelligent mobile phone users using LINE 44% maps; two months on-line store sales amounted to 350 million yen ($3 million 800 thousand).

two unique Cheats: free voice calls + map

growth rate is the most proud of the LINE team. It won 20 million users in just over 9 months, not only far beyond the Japanese social network Mixi (for the last 73 months), but also more than Facebook (for the last couple of months) and Twitter (for 26 months). Behind the explosive growth of the LINE, what are the unique cheats?

LINE in Japan and the global market rattling, by the two arms: free voice calls, and the rich and humorous personality.

free voice calls for LINE to win wide acclaim in Japan during the earthquake disaster, it is regarded as one of the killer. In >


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