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Luxury B2C network serves Beijing company business to Shenzhen after years of layoffs

luxury B2C a new round of reshuffle ahead of time. Insiders broke the news in the days before micro-blog said the network serves the Beijing branch after the new year began layoffs, and the main business headquarters moved to Shenzhen.

, a reporter from the network serves just leaving the staff was informed that from the beginning of January this year, Beijing began to implement its headquarters in Shenzhen decided to adjust the whole market, and data management departments all transferred to headquarters. The original staff can work with the Department to Shenzhen, is not willing to transfer to Shenzhen’s automatic departure.

insiders pointed out that in the Internet business, data department and marketing department is the two most important departments, departments of the transfer means the initiative after the company in Beijing regional sales monitoring, operation adjustment and distribution is weakened, consumption data and operational operations are handled in Shenzhen. The Beijing business shrink signs may have appeared.

network serves an unnamed staff told reporters that the move can be seen as a market for "downsizing" action, after all, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Shanghai city and the surrounding business will be for the "battle zone", in terms of the company, this is the highest cost is the efficiency of saving strategy.

at the same time, the official admitted that the current overall environment of B2C industry is not very good, although the network serves last year, two rounds of financing, but the financing current is far better than before, so the company is also the convergence of advertising have large, for a lot of investment is very cautious.

at the end of last year, B2C industry and luxury online shopping business has highlighted the potential weak Huha network infighting, the original founder is out of the company regarding the cause of the whole industry alert. Not long ago, Fifth Avenue luxury, Sun Yafei in an interview with this newspaper had expressed concern that financing is a double-edged sword, a lot of investment for many business brands began to indulge in big dishes, but the cultivation and turnover business of the effect is far less than that, eventually leading to funding strand breaks, the outcome is closed.

in addition, money brush performance, to attract investment "routine" also allow enterprises to make ends meet. During the Spring Festival this year, many luxury websites competing "battle of wits, ultra low-cost sales of luxury goods, the reporter found a lot of goods, the price is even lower than the same period the price discount season in Hongkong. Sun Yafei expected, the luxury goods business will enter a new round of reshuffle, the performance of burn brush enterprises such as no new financing in the "shrink", serious or even collapse, some enterprises will be steady houjinshizu.


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