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Don’t worry from online shopping, courier suck

Spring Festival is approaching, "online shopping" workers suddenly found, had let them comfortable life of online shopping is "increasingly worrying.". Some originally only need one or two days to be able to deliver the courier is now dragged to the four or five days or even longer, really upset the online shopping family years ago, a good mood. Insiders remind the general public during the Spring Festival, most of the courier company will be a holiday, the public for online shopping must be better as soon as possible, in order to avoid this week, "not to arrive" embarrassing situation.

in the company’s staff said that their company in recent days business is very busy, in the twelfth lunar month twenty (January 23rd) will stop courier. "We have to go several days on the road, do not wait until the holidays approaching before delivery, delivery late delivery and only after such as Chinese New year." Shen Tong Yizhou Road business staff said, last year the twelfth lunar month twenty-seven holiday this year, what holiday time the company did not notice, "estimates and previous years almost, the company will stop receiving notice." She reminded the public to send the fastest time in 1 days, the province will have three or four days, "as far as possible is a good time, so as not to delay the receipt."

in addition to the delivery of the public can choose the courier company, you can also choose postal EMS. The reporter learned from the post office, during the Spring Festival can be delivered, but the staff said twenty-eight, twenty-nine this two day of the twelfth lunar month may not even send delivery trucks, and also do not go out. Lee came to the public, said the last delivery is too late, after the end of the year the goods have not yet sent home, this year I sent in advance, and no longer the same as last year."

The reporter saw

home shop in a store on taobao.com, household red black prominently marked "into the store must end, express notice": "January 19th news, since nearly a year, the courier receipt to stop, plus the bad weather conditions, several invincible logistics company warehouse explosion phenomenon only serious. Order shipment tracking delivery record Click to two or three days to display properly, hope you understand!" the store also said: "Yuantong Shentong has suspended the recipient, any region can send all the packages, we will use the airline E Po issued, some areas may delay the two day time of receipt hope at the same time wait for understanding." Then the reporter walked into the other four shop that has two stores are given "may be postponed delivery" notices, and stores the buyer’s delivery time on the issue of fuzzy answer, just let the buyers wait patiently".

National Post Office recently issued a notice requirement, courier companies during the spring festival may not be stopped or stopped sending express. Deputy Secretary General Chinese express association chairman Shao Zhonglin said, the national network of express enterprises will not promise during the Spring Festival holiday, ensure a person to take part in something, but do not rule out some of the only city express business small courier company will leave. About to remind the public that the recent online shopping people must want as soon as possible, the best to catch the order within the week, to ensure that the goods are received in the spring festival.

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