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Buy the price is more expensive than the original price of the line under the false security tips

buy for most consumers are not unfamiliar, from the establishment of the 4 Japan US mission in March 2010, China’s group buying industry has gone through the first 5 years. Group purchase industry experienced a capital darling, thousands of war, malicious competition, capital shortages of food and a series of market reshuffle, has gradually entered the competition. However, it still exists some chaos group purchase industry. Recently, according to the "Yangcheng Evening News" reported that Guangzhou Miss Zhang to 999 yuan a group purchase medical services, but shocking is that the line project group purchase price is only 284 yuan, 1852 yuan instead of claiming online group purchase. Group price than the price of the line is also expensive, that buy advertised discount how to reflect

fact, group purchase online and offline repair condition, product project seriously diminished, not an invoice, exaggerated propaganda and other issues is still a complaint hot group purchase industry. Why do group purchase after 5 years of development, the chaos is still strong


to buy in the name of the hidden trap

According to the "

Chinese group purchase market quarterly monitoring report 2015 first quarter" data show that the first quarter of 2015, China group purchase market quarter market reached 30 billion 470 million yuan, 30 billion yuan mark for the first time, an increase of 8.9%. With the development of group buying industry, buy this form of consumption has been used in our daily life. Buy is usually a discount as a label, but not all of the Group buy cheap goods, and even some buy hidden consumer trap.

according to the "Yangcheng Evening News" reported that Guangzhou Miss Zhang handle online group purchase a "America annual health examination service, the original price 1852 yuan, group purchase price of 999 yuan, but the online price is only 284 yuan, let Zhang shouted" ridiculously expensive". In fact, group purchase site has been the hardest hit is the complaint. "Southeast express" reported recently, Fuzhou residents hexiaojie group purchase online in the United States two fishing Hot pot store coupons to Bacera, consumer into the store, the clerk was told "should also receive 7 yuan of money to eat". He felt disappointed, he bought another restaurant consumption. But the restaurant said the weekend group purchase coupons cannot be used, but can be directly used on the contents of group purchase cash. He believes that the money is also paid to spend the same money, the direct choice of meals. At the end of the meal but she asked for the invoice, but due to the use of group purchase content, and not a separate invoice. Miss he said it can not understand very much.

miss he’s experience is not an example, in the buy market, product projects have shrunk, exaggerated publicity and other issues abound. In the group purchase industry began has been in existence of the "old" why the unsettlement of

?Why does

group purchase chaos repeated

?The rapid development of

industry group purchase, provides a convenient and cost-effective form of consumption for consumers, but the complaint is endless, group purchase exists a lot of chaos, one of the most important reasons is that the terms are not clear. Buy some merchants on the platform in order to attract users will play >


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