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s how to become a new China third business platform

last month, Baidu opened a wonderful public number on WeChat public platform, called "the Baidu public relations".

as a regular looking at the black spot in Baidu professional black, then there are a lot of people ask me, this session of the Baidu PR in the end not line? How do you see the Baidu public relations open WeChat public number of this thing?

I didn’t write anything at that time. Because I think this Baidu PR can also be.

"this session of the Baidu public relations" the reason "can also", "can also" in their communication work. Well, since it is a part of the work, do a good job, naturally there is nothing worth writing out.

as to why Baidu PR suddenly changed the style of action, I did not want to go deep.

in fact, in addition to Baidu, there are many well-known Internet Co public relations and even the most basic information communication do not understand. So that I have a kind of is too deep I can not understand the feeling of

I like

today to the "new big third major domestic business platform" talks about……

speaks the truth, this is not a joke.

because this is the big boss Wang Xinmei said. In this year’s Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs summit.

I think Wang Xing should be serious when he says this. Does he really think new is China third business platform……

PR, in fact, is a very technical content of the work.

For example, before the

sent a message in you, you will probably want to know, this information is sent to the who, what, in what time, they received information about what would be a kind of feedback.


Wang Xing students last week in the summer Yabuli forum, but I rather doubt in the end there is no big new pr.

the theme of this lecture is "my poem and the distance, my second half".

read the title of the moment, I once thought that Wang is going to attend the meeting……

what did Wang Xing say in this speech,


first of all, we are new big cock. Since the United States mission to comment to eat, we are more and more cock. Then we went into the second half.

first of all we have to do high-tech. Yeah, that’s probably something like ERP.

then we’re going out of the country. To be an international high-tech enterprise.


as a well-known business owners, in a public place to put forward some of their own unique ideas, in fact, is a very important thing to improve the grid.



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