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Tradition, electricity providers, mobile three business in the end who added who

in recent years, with Mcglaughlin became China’s first listed B2C companies, and then come to the electricity supplier to repair the tide of listed companies increasingly fierce, Dangdang, Jingdong, Taobao mall…… And so on the site, a variety of initiatives is considered by the industry that is prepared for the listing. There is no doubt that e-commerce has become a hot spot".

"electronic commerce is not the traditional enterprise" the other leg "mobile e-commerce to the traditional e-commerce effectively complement" to see so two article, if electronic commerce became a supplement to the traditional business, whether we can use mathematical methods to fill up, mobile e-commerce is equal to the traditional enterprise is charged? Oh, or not so! And the views of the author, who also is not who added! Why?

1, Bill Gates said that so many people do N electricity supplier, then do not do e-commerce today, tomorrow, no business can be". In a large background like this, the momentum of e-commerce Chinese according to the unstoppable rise, CNNIC survey, as of June 2010, Chinese shopping network the number of users exceeded 140 million, the first half of the online shopping turnover exceeded 220 billion, accounting for half of the total retail sales of consumer goods 3%. E-commerce for China’s contribution to the GDP at the same time, but also to determine the status and status of China’s e-commerce development. This is a business form!

2, on the traditional business, now open a flagship store on the Internet or to build a mall, it is everywhere. Therefore, the interpretation of e-commerce as a supplement to traditional enterprises, which is not very reasonable. Take now the domestic Lining, BELLE, electronic commerce for them, not a sales in the supplement, if that is sales, so the Internet sales compared to traditional stores, can not contribute much, but its form, is the traditional enterprise on the other hand the price change. For many people, the future of the enterprise, almost every family has the Internet, then, there is no electricity supplier enterprises and traditional enterprises. And on the Internet, the audience with the traditional body or a certain difference, and the Internet bigger, in foreign sales, which is a more convenient approach. Therefore, the traditional enterprise electricity supplier, it is an independent body!

3, another hotspot, mobile e-commerce. Now many businesses optimistic about this piece, and even many of the network domain name of the seller in order to buy investment and mobile domain name. According to relevant data show that as of the first half of this year, the scale of China Mobile e-commerce transactions reached 1 billion 300 million yuan, the user has reached the size of 55 million 315 thousand. IResearch is expected in 2012 China’s mobile e-commerce users will be close to 250 million. Mobile e-commerce future business opportunities. But for now, the largest number of mobile Internet users or adolescents. In these adolescents, a survey shows that today’s youth, chat, read novels, micro-blog has become the main use of mobile Internet content. Therefore, shopping for mobile Internet >


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