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The new year is not closing another spring festival show nternet business

for the vast majority of people, the Spring Festival holiday is the most precious time of the year. But for many Internet Co, this is also the most important working hours.

my hometown is Jiangsu city of Xuzhou Province, located in the northern city line, the Internet economy is not developed, but in the short vacation, several typical Internet service is still impressive.

without closing the electricity supplier

in previous years, the Spring Festival holiday has been an important promotional node under the line entity providers.

in the past two years, the major electricity supplier platforms have been carried out in the category of super provider, naturally will not miss this important Spring Festival sales node. This year, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning and other platforms unified shouted the slogan of "the Spring Festival is not closing.

through personal experience, in the Xuzhou area, suning.com stores have proprietary logistics and distribution service line under the Jingdong is relatively more efficient.


= = = Jingdong distribution vehicles in Xuzhou

in the morning of January 26th, the Jingdong will display after shopping in January 27th New Year’s day, new year’s Eve delivery orders show in early delivery; buy appliances in suning.com also show that in January 26th 18 when before orders will be delivered in January 27th day.

Behind the

without closing the corresponding service, is to stick to various positions of staff.

days ago, Jingdong announced that, for the Spring Festival closing will invest 75 million yuan for help in Beijing staff in the field to meet his family to Beijing New year.

dedicated network driver about

years ago, about the network about the car hit a difficult situation triggered a round of public opinion.

drops at the time of the response pointed out that the emergence of a taxi difficult situation is due to the increase in travel demand during the Spring Festival, as well as the network about the driver to reduce the car caused.

during the Spring Festival, I tried several times in Xuzhou about car service, which only appeared in the night a premium situation.


Xuzhou network about car pricing rules

when asked whether there is a corresponding reward during the Spring Festival, a net about car driver said he did not know, the total pull only dozens of, usually live in free time.

and another network about the car driver said that it usually engaged in the network about car work, live more during the Spring Festival, the day has been completed more than 400 yuan.

takeaway, games and media


United States take away photo taken in Xuzhou

seen during the Spring Festival


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