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Teach you how to in the clothing business website encirclement

clothing e-commerce website has been a competitive industry, it is particularly popular keywords, such as "clothing" and "women" and so on are high index keywords, who can in these talent shows itself in the rankings, who can get high traffic! Here Xu Zhi SEO and share clothing e-commerce website how do SEO website optimization work for


and general sites, apparel e-commerce website must first put their own internal web site optimization, such as keywords and title title, description tag and website internal links and so on, to do this, each big forum, information website, Post Bar and other related websites, the soft outside the chain! Here, Xu Zhi recommend SEO for clothing e-commerce blog marketing, the effect is very good! Popular blog can not only bring high flow, and high quality links on the web site included and rankings are very good here!

here, Fujian SEO to share a few points on the clothing e-commerce website to do a good job of SEO optimization method:

Optimization of

1, the long tail keyword is good for clothing and clothing website, e-commerce website especially long tail keywords, you can follow the fashion audience to select the long tail keywords can also be in accordance with the seasonal clothing selection of long tail keywords, Fujian SEO has been in accordance with the "clothing product category" defined long tail keywords, for example: tunic, costume solid color shirt, long sleeved T-shirt, long sleeved dress and so on! These long tail keywords bring traffic has a big characteristic is targeted strong


2, the blog marketing, I have just mentioned the clothing website using the blog marketing effect is very good, but the premise is that you have a high weight, wide flow blog, if you have this kind of blog, never mind, you can slowly blog, slowly increase the traffic, the usual practice is: you define your blog type, such as clothing, recommend the class blog, insist on writing a large number of clothing, children’s clothing and attract visitors taste recommended articles every day (not with advertisement character obviously), note that must be equipped with some pictures, so more vivid and attractive, this kind of article writing the visitors will naturally feel that you are the master of this, at this time, you can be more bold recommend their website


3, clothing site has a very obvious characteristic is the need a lot of pictures, but the search engine is currently unable to identify the picture information, so the flexible use of the picture Alt attribute is the key! In the Alt property owners can try to carry a keyword, add keywords optimization!

4, it is best to do more links, especially the authority of the best links, however, not only can bring traffic, but also increase the weight of the site itself!

5, the use of classified information website to offer discounts, promotions, buy class information (which is also an important way to promote the optimization of the site), clothing e-commerce website is different from other sites, the most