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Electricity providers, micro providers, O2O these things have never been lower threshold

recently in Hunan Zhuzhou newspapers and the network to see two diametrically opposed reports. A pair of eleven when, in Zhuzhou women’s pants on the advantages of the project, Lusong clothing’s performance is far better than Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and other competitive rivals, very low-key; in another, entrepreneurship training institutions of the local electricity supplier opened, its marketing director said, electric business is a way of selling the current threshold is very low.


is a low profile, a very low threshold, the paradoxical, just watch the current most people’s misunderstanding — online shop, is the electricity supplier.

took the electricity supplier is the most basic online shopping, Taobao beat the overseas giants eBay, the core is not that it has a large amount of cheap goods, and in it do not look expensive". This is the so-called threshold low, low to everyone can shop. And now, after the rise of micro business, the threshold is even lower than the goods do not have their own reserves, the electricity supplier can be a.

so low threshold, why most people can’t play? After all, the threshold is too low, the competitors, the red sea. But this is not the core. The real reason for the performance of low profile, in fact, only that you sell something is not new. Just imagine, a busy market, we have to sell Christmas, I choose? Low price? That everyone will eventually peibenzhuanyaohe.

Lusong clothing low-key, is in the market, it may have the advantage of low-cost, but the long tail effect of e-commerce, there are always cheaper. On the competitiveness, it is in the style, style, and so many people willing to click on the net to buy the temptation of the mouse, perhaps just stay in the same stage. This is the origin of low profile. You have I have you, is not, this is the business of the law.

O2O is so hot nowadays, it is also the electricity supplier, but it does not serve the country, but the target local, providing local service life. Then, in the eyes of the fool, and O2O flowering, delivery, selling tickets, car washing, ordering a play, there is not enough. But these games, in fact, just a phone call in the past, an upgraded version of the meal, at best, but more than a few dishes of the image of the coveted.

whether it is online shopping, O2O or electricity supplier in the broad sense, where is the real threshold in fact, it is not just a simple place consumers pay, but also to subvert the needs of consumers. In the past, we would like to buy a book, I can’t have the bookstore. The long tail of the electricity supplier to the book can be directly to us. And so on the online shopping, so that we can get access to their original resources, this is the hand. In the past, we wash the clothes, simple mounting yourself, deluxe to the cleaners, but as a laundry O2O, broke this situation, let oneself not enough, not enough balcony space for the rest of the busy white-collar workers, willing to be ordinary clothes into a bag of cheap dry, this is subversive, so compared to other Internet sales business, still do.