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Alibaba to join the international anti fake alliance 24 brands are not happy

Tencent science and technology news April 28th, foreign media reports, Alibaba earlier this month to join the international anti fake Alliance (hereinafter referred to as "IACC"). The company said at the time, this highlights the determination of fake Alibaba.


IACC is one of the world’s largest anti fake alliances, with about 250 members. Nevertheless, the "Wall Street journal" website reported that some brand manufacturers still skeptical of Alibaba on the platform to fake.

last week, the U.S. fashion brand Mike · (Michael Korsy) on the grounds of the Alibaba accepted IACC to withdraw from the union. In addition, the French luxury brand Longchamp (Longchamp) and another anti fake union Unifab also decided to IACC’s criticism.

Mike · Kors in IACC said in a letter, in many brand manufacturers consider through litigation forced Alibaba to increase anti-counterfeiting efforts on the occasion, accepted her as "our members will cover the most dangerous and destructive opponent".

Mike · general counsel Kors Lee · Siborne (Lee Sporn) said: "the consistent strategy of Alibaba is saying: support the crackdown, but the actual operation is not."

and Alibaba, said the company has been doing its best to combat fake on its platform. Alibaba global intellectual property enforcement director Matthew · Brazil Ewell (Matthew Bassiur) said in a statement, to be a member of the IACC, this is another important step in Alibaba in cooperation with global brands to combat fake "".

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according to IACC former chairman Barbara · (Barbara Kolsun), said about 24 brands and IACC members by e-mail and telephone privately expressed support for the · of Mike, the position of the support of the. As a result of cooperation with Alibaba, these brands are not open identity.

has about 400 members of the anti fake alliance Unifab to the "Wall Street journal" said that if the Alibaba can not quickly take tough measures to fight against fake products, some brands will take a series of measures to consider.

IACC President Bob · (Barchiesi), said the 21 member board of directors agreed to accept Alibaba as a member of the Bob. This will allow members to more directly cooperate with Alibaba, in order to more effectively combat fake.

earlier this month, when announcing the adoption of Alibaba as a member, IACC has called the Alibaba to combat counterfeiting and piracy most powerful >