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The disadvantages of business domain name management in China

domain names in many Admin5 transactions in the transaction is registered in the business of China, but the business of China’s conversion agent 60 days deadline for both parties.

Dear customer hello!
      reply to this email, please attach the original, in order to quickly confirm your situation and timely processing!
        domain name xxx.com to submit your subordinates in our present transfer, complete procedures, for transfer, will renew a year, the cost will be in your account directly deduct, please confirm this, and our original email confirmation (the "consent" or "no"), in order to verify our handling. Thank you for your cooperation!
note: the domain name transfer successfully within 60 days, can not be transferred, the transfer member number and transfer registrar.
new owner: BBB (BBB)

if the transaction domain name in the AAA here. After the transfer, it takes 60 days to turn to bbb. That is, after the transfer is completed, the AAA side still has the right to control.
this transfer for trading, is a malady, and even vulnerabilities.

there are several such stranded transactions, because they can not transfer membership number in the business China.