Ma Yun Hangzhou is a good mother of matter

Hangzhou, is a matter of good mother

yesterday, World Expo the theme of the forum "harmonious and livable city life" in Hangzhou lecture. In the morning, Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Jack Ma as the last keynote speaker on stage, a casual dress, seems to be out of tune".

"welcome to my city…… I’m going to wear a suit, but I don’t think I can wear a suit because it’s my own city."

speech was interrupted by applause.

the theme of his speech, is the era of venture capital and livable life". So, let’s listen to the success of the local entrepreneurs in the eyes of livable life.


developed from the teahouse

from the initial 20 thousand yuan venture together, and now to the world, Alibaba only used for ten years. Why is it so successful?

he said, before he returned to Hangzhou, have a sense of well-being, especially the smell of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance: "I smell the coffee to the United States, I knew that I came to Seattle, the smell of sweet scented osmanthus fragrance I knew I was back in Hangzhou. Do not know coffee, tea, and the development of the city has nothing to do with. The Alibaba is developed from Hangzhou teahouse, many U.S. companies like Microsoft, etc., may have a relationship with the cafe. Many of Guangdong’s manufacturing industry, may have a relationship with tea."

Ma Yun said, home to many Alibaba, in these ten years, he gave birth to 3 children". The first is the Alibaba, the second is the third Alipay

Alibaba get free development in this city, in his opinion, the first reason is the atmosphere: "I always think that work is the best mother mother, do not regard themselves as parents, is a good officer." Ma Yun said, ten years ago, they said they were going to do the best Internet Co, hoping to win the attention of the world, it may be he was a joke, but in Hangzhou, no jokes, no one to look for trouble, enterprise and government, with very comfortable. Just like in my own home, it’s an atmosphere.

high-rise buildings, it is better for people to live comfortably

the second reason is talent.

ten years, change rapidly changes in Hangzhou, a rising edifice. But Ma said, ten years of entrepreneurship, he could not remember what a tall building is left to their own impression: "I returned to the city, which is not because the building, but there is my friend, my partner, because these people let me come back, some people of the city with charm."

Alibaba office building at the beginning of the company’s internal debate, many employees hope that the office building caused by the Hangzhou landmark building, Ma


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