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CmsTop a variety of content models to meet a variety of needs

A variety of content model built-in

CmsTop content management system, can meet the different types of websites and the channel demand in any channel can facilitate the release of these models, such as articles, photos, links, videos, interviews, debates, online activities, voting, questionnaire, newspapers, magazines, etc..

article system

than the traditional CMS article system is more powerful, more humane article publishing and management system. Support tagging, version, log and fee statistics and other additional functions.

photo system

can quickly add and edit photos can be generated, packaged and bulk upload pictures, even can directly upload zip compression format image compression package.

video system

upload and manage video, through this feature, you can create a separate website video channel.

interview system

online live and interview functions, while you can achieve graphic broadcast, while visitors can also participate in interactive. This feature is particularly suitable for the industry website, news and information website, the website can quickly create an online chat room. Enable ordinary users to interact with guests in real time.


users to a certain point of discussion, especially for news and information websites.


is a questionnaire that can be used to collect user information. Data report of questionnaire result.


personalized custom voting function, can produce a variety of practical analysis report.


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