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Wanda fly where the network is always doing a good job in the traditional department store electrici

Wang Jianlin and Ma worked in the CCTV debut on the same stage, two are in the field of efforts to penetrate to each other.


technology week Xuedie

2013 for both electricity supplier or traditional department store industry, is an unusual year. In this year, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce report, Beijing network sales over the first traditional department stores, this let consumers favor years of traditional department stores first altar.

at the same time, the change is the traditional department store industry views on the electricity supplier, before 2013, the electricity supplier hit double eleven Shopping Festival, the traditional department coping style is to resist; after 2013, the traditional department stores began to take the initiative, "net" became the traditional department in the most talked about vocabulary.

in the same year, Wang Jianlin launched a small goal, the introduction of Wanda electricity supplier.

the past five years, the traditional department stores have announced net addition of some Internet companies near the thigh, most of the rest of the active or passive to abandon their business and dream, has been regarded as the darling of the capital only in the Wanda electricity supplier executives turnover and downsizing will become the focus of public attention, and Wanda electric third CEO perhaps leaving marks the traditional department for a period of four years of active OCS road failed.

performance of traditional department stores in Waterloo collective net

in 2013, e-commerce into the rapid development, the traditional department store industry has started to appear. In the first foreign department store Parkson commercial group announced the 2013 annual results, except for a slight increase in sales, the other main performance has declined, net profit is plunged nearly 60%, becoming listed Parkson the worst in 9 years, according to the report, an industry source, in over 70% retail business performance all fell.

is considered to be the leading retail Wanda also failed to escape the impact of the overall decline in performance, according to Wanda in the 2013 meeting summary data disclosed, Wanda Department completed only in 2013 revenue of 15 billion 490 million yuan, after completion of the adjustment plan of 91%, while net loss increased by 7%, the performance of the first "fail".

according to the analysis, the rise of the electricity supplier, the homogenization of the department store industry as well as the introduction of the three government policy is the main reason for the performance of the traditional department store diving. Therefore, when a large number of traditional department stores have introduced their own net policy:

Chaoyang joy Chaoyang joy launched their own online platform;

Jin Yuan new Lufthansa began an in-depth and meticulous research on electronic commerce, hoping to find the combination of e-commerce and business entities, Jin Yuan new Lufthansa MALL general manager Wang Lihua said, after the on-line Jin Yuan new Lufthansa MALL App has caused 200 thousand people to download;

Huarun Wucaicheng is trying to use WeChat account to attract consumers, the establishment of an independent account for the ice rink, Snoopy Park and other formats, information timely and effectively.


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