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Major B2C companies preparing for the double 11 WeChat open store entrance

[introduction] this field in electronic commerce by the whole industry chain of the carnival, this year is fifth years.


Wang Liang Chen Kexin technology Tencent reported on November 8th

annual double 11 electricity supplier shopping war is about to open, this is the carnival of the whole industry chain involved in e-commerce, to this year is the fifth year.

back in 2012, Tmall and Taobao group Alibaba with two channels, the gains of 19 billion 100 million sales performance. This year, with the sinking of the brand, the competition between the old and new brands, the introduction of the mobile side, Alibaba group is undergoing a series of changes.

peers fierce fire, how much traffic can be separated from this feast in comparison with previous years, this year, 11 What are the two points


extends to offline

is different from previous years, this year, the first time the concept of playing 11 O2O. Tmall announced this year, covering 11 of the many traditional brands of physical stores, including Uniqlo, GAP, and other more than and 300 brands under the line of 3 stores. In addition, Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with intime. Suning also launched the O2O online shopping festival.

, however, there are still many difficulties in the entire retail industry in order to achieve O2O. For example, most of the online and offline systems do not dock, the flow of information and capital flow is difficult to butt together, to achieve the flow of goods is unrealistic.

O2O requires at least the following four factors: one is the line of the same price, two is the open membership system, three is the line of benefit sharing issues, four shops need to cover 3G.

although O2O is not easy to achieve, many stores are still sweeping two-dimensional code, the form of coupons, but the release of online and offline shopping break ice signal. A clothing Amoy brand founder believes that online or offline integration will be achieved within two years.

mobile terminal debut

double 11 this year, many companies will focus on the mobile shopping market competition. Tencent, science and technology today that in the double 11 period, WeChat will provide the Tencent’s comprehensive shopping fast and easy web site opened a special store entrance, easy fast network will be in the WeChat version 5 and above my bank card interface, easy fast on-line double click on the 11 WeChat store, there will be a variety of popular goods WeChat exclusive special offer after entering the orders after the user will jump directly to pay WeChat. And this is the first time to carry out the depth of the combination of physical electricity supplier WeChat.

with the gradual promotion of WeChat payment, will further solve the most important aspects of mobile e-commerce payment.

of Tmall in the mobile terminal 11 for micro Amoy, including Taobao Alipay wallet, travel. In addition, the Alibaba investment group Gould’s map will come in handy in O2O, will participate in the activities of double 11 for user navigation, which line shop. < >