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Tengyun restaurant management software to add new information to print out the dishes

Baidu search catering management software, the presence of a number of food and beverage system in front of the software are countless, said his most powerful features, the most simple operation… A variety of powerful products, and customers do not know exactly what a good food and beverage management software.

catering management system can provide convenience for the catering industry as well as data analysis and support, plays a very important role, is a symbol of modern management catering business. If you want to make the enterprise management more standardized, more refined, making the process more efficient and controllable, it must be a food and beverage management software to improve the efficiency of enterprises.

jcipc software customer needs deep research catering professional version of the product – vasibo electric cashier management system based on the function close to the catering industry characteristics, system stability, simple operation, powerful back office functions, to help the food industry to provide consumers with better service. Details of the software products can go to the official website of the online customer service consulting.

any software, the use of the process will be more or less some technical problems. There are a lot of customer response, in the use of the Tengyun bath management software, add a new menu information system, add new order dishes billing information cannot be printed out. Jcipc software technical staff said that the software has the function of printing the kitchen, the default is not automatically print menu information menu to add new, if you need to print out, can be set manually, the steps are as follows:

1, open kitchen print:


, the open kitchen print monitoring platform print settings, enter the user name and password.


3, select the parameters of the dishes in the kitchen will be added to the new dishes can be printed on the corresponding printer.


if you still do not quite understand, you can contact the good software official website (http://s.flyhight.com/) online customer service, or direct online consulting technology QQ, remote assistance to explain. Thank you very much for your support!

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