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Cross-border business dragon network landing in Dongguan a warehouse of a code

November 3rd news, since this summer in Dongguan Songshan Lake high tech Zone to set up an independent operating center, dragon network has started in Dongguan made a series of strategic layout. The day before, Feng Jianfeng describes the dragon dragon network CEO network recently in Dongguan to billion state power network, he summed up as "a warehouse, a code, a".

dragon net CEO Feng Jianfeng

Feng Jianfeng said, "a warehouse" refers to the cross-border electricity supplier is built in Dongguan science and Technology Park Dongcheng public supervision warehouse". The warehouse is invested by the government of Dongguan, Dongcheng District, the construction of cross-border electricity supplier new complex warehouse, which includes the public regulatory positions and regulatory distribution center". The warehouse storage, logistics, supervision, customs clearance as a whole, for foreign trade enterprises to provide warehousing, sorting, customs clearance, tax rebate one-stop service.

he told billion state power network, a "code" refers to the "Yunguan code" technology. The technology of the dragon network research and development team, can be applied to the "public supervision warehouse", to provide full visual for the use of warehouse cargo storage business inspection, customs declaration, logistics and transport, the settlement of tax rebates and other services, and can provide a source of goods, statistical analysis for national regulatory authorities and other data.

In addition, the

"dragon network also held in Dongguan on the day before the" cross-border O2O net trade. The exhibition is aimed at domestic manufacturers and overseas small and medium retail market planning innovative M2B model, and the interactive experience into the online and offline." Feng Jianfeng pointed.

according to its introduction, at present, Dongguan still rely on foreign trade manufacturing and commodity export trade hold up half of the country. But after the global economic crisis, the traditional foreign trade growth rate decreased significantly. Therefore, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional foreign trade has become the common goal of the government and enterprises, it also allows many manufacturers focus on cross-border electricity supplier, while the dragon net is spotted this opportunity.