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  • WAL-MART announced plans to push ahead this year, cross-border electricity supplier

WAL-MART announced plans to push ahead this year, cross-border electricity supplier

recently, WAL-MART held its annual New Year’s meeting in Zhuhai, announced in 2015 to achieve double growth in sales and profits, and profit growth faster than sales growth. The company also announced in 2016 will add 30 new stores, upgrading existing 60 stores, opened its first shopping center, the expansion of the logistics distribution center, launched cross-border business services, upgrading joint credit cards, to build the retail university development plan. This year marks the 20 anniversary of China WAL-MART entered the market, in addition to the person in charge from the national 170 city about more than and 400 stores and other business representatives of nearly 2 thousand people, WAL-MART also invited more than 300 employees joined the company 20 years attended the conference, received from company executives for.


WAL-MART China president and CEO Ke Junxian (Sean Clarke)

Ke Junxian, President and chief executive officer of

China (Sean Clarke), said: "we achieved good results in 2015. In supermarkets, we have a monthly market share growth. Sam’s Club strides on the way to being the world’s best member store, and we have achieved very good comparable sales growth. The Spring Festival this year, the year sales performance is also very strong. 2016 is the twentieth year of WAL-MART’s entry into China, we have a total of more than more than and 400 stores and more than 100 thousand colleagues. I think this is just the beginning of our journey in China, because of greater opportunities for development in the front, we have confidence in the Chinese market."

according to United business network statistics show that in 2015, WAL-MART opened 23 new stores, including 22 stores and 1 Sam’s club stores, store performance exceeded expectations. At the same time, WAL-MART in 2015 to 60 stores were upgraded, these stores can greatly improve the internal and external conditions, and further enrich the commodity category, especially for the performance of the store pull. As of the end of 2015, in the FMCG category, WAL-MART has achieved market share growth for the 12 quarter in a row. At the same time, WAL-MART’s Shenzhen Futian Sam member store is the first place for eighth consecutive years in WAL-MART’s global annual sales.

WAL-MART has invited more than 300 20 employees joined the company at the 2016 new year to prepare for the meeting and invited representatives, and WAL-MART Chinese CEO Ke Junxian (Sean Clarke) (right) and senior vice president of corporate affairs Fu Xiaoming (left) jointly launched the 20 anniversary celebration.

in the face of changing market, WAL-MART China proposed in 2016 to accelerate the · beyond the development goals. According to reports, in 2016, WAL-MART plans to open about 30 new stores in China, including the Sam to the 2 member stores, will invest about $400 million for about 60 stores upgrade. Sam >