Five new ways to promote Taobao guest novice

this paper, and we will share a simple novice to do some advice and direction for Taobao customers to promote the Taobao customer is always our beginner to make money first, especially of the first page of Taobao billboard off everyone will be stimulated, stimulated under certainly going to act, but not to say that because of hard work, should be careful analysis of their own advantages combined with the advantage to do to earn money faster, the following is the summary of five Taobao golden Wangzhuan guest promotion methods, we hope to help. Taobao 2hi passenger area, the largest and most professional services to customers Taobao website, let you easily become a mom in Taobao


if you are never touched off Taobao, Taobao customers want to do just because others say can make money, this friend then recommended to go to Taobao off the official Ali mother carefully understand Taobao customers, such as store promotion and single product promotion between code parameters and so on, these are Taobao guests we must grasp the. Do anything can not be hard to do, should carefully look at how to do, as well as some attention, this is a good habit.

Taobao customers to promote a method to promote e-books.

is not very suitable for e-book website friends to do a form of Taobao customers, mainly because it is not need much advanced technology, from the content to the production can be searched online at the same time, the e-book is very easy to spread, the general users can download books stored in the computer, when I feel better would recommend to share QQ friends, this is a kind of directional flow of communication, love the theme of users will help you spread, of course, the premise is your content if the essence of. The promotion of e-books can take local local forums, because of the high quality of the local forum traffic, the relative Entertainment Forum has a higher ability to purchase online, most of them have Taobao account. Such as the promotion of some weight loss books can be a large number of targeted forum posting promotion.

Taobao customer promotion method two, SEO combined with Taobao guest

The so-called

SEO combined with Taobao customers, is that we do website optimization by some large daily search keywords, when these keywords to the home page ranking will naturally get Everfount flow, and the flow is the most important intention to flow, like search shopping is certainly want to go shopping in Taobao, so the Taobao customer the turnover rate is very high promotion methods.

Taobao customer promotion method three, the use of advertising to promote

said here refers to the number of directional advertising forum or website advertising, this kind of topic specific websites will attract directional users very much to browse through, and we invest in their advertising to achieve the purpose of promotion. In the choice of products to choose some high commission products, so that income can be higher than the expenditure. The use of advertising Taobao off there is a little trick, we do not have to choose large home advertising, but can choose some professional forum zhidingtie, and look at the top of the general forum users are more accurate flow, the turnover rate is relatively.