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Retail predators have stepped on the accelerator to the electricity supplier in the field

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yesterday, WAL-MART announced the acquisition of the remaining 49% stake, a wholly owned subsidiary of shop No. 1. After the number of transferred shop 1, leaving the founder leave in just 1 store and co-founder Liu Junling Wang Lu, President of WAL-MART rumors sit real global e-commerce in Asia will be in charge of shop No. 1. Recently, the reporter found that the domestic retail speculators in the electricity supplier on the road have stepped on the accelerator.

WAL-MART said, from the China Ping (601318, shares), shop No. 1 former chairman Yu Gang, former CEO Liu Junling purchased the remaining shares, owned 1 store in China e-commerce business. WAL-MART in 2011 to acquire 20% stake in shop No. 1, the following year to hold the capital increase to $51%.

two founders of Yu Gang, Liu Junling has been in the middle of this month announced he was leaving the shop No. 1, but will remain as honorary chairman and strategic management consultants to ensure a smooth transition and to continue to shop 1, the future development of output.

and coach Wang Lu joined WAL-MART in the global electronic commerce, was responsible for the interactive business management Cbs Broadcasting Inc in America China, including information technology, automotive, fashion and lifestyle in different MS business.

WAL-MART official announcement said that after the wholly owned holding number 1 shop, WAL-MART plans to accelerate the development of the electricity supplier business investment, hoping to create a seamless connection to the online shopping platform, mobile client and store customers. At the same time, store 1 will continue to operate with the existing name, and will continue to maintain the local leadership team.

China Ping An said, taking into account the overall financial strategy of the group, decided to transfer all the shares in the hands of the 1 shop WAL-MART. Ping An will continue to maintain a partnership with WAL-MART and store 1, the future will seek cooperation opportunities in different fields.


global president and CEO Dong Minglun said, the 1 store investment, let WAL-MART have the opportunity to quickly enter the China business market, and test some innovative solutions in Chinese.

According to

, No. 1 store in China’s current market share of only 1.4%, while last year the market put the cost of $1 billion, the high cost of marketing so that shop No. 1 into a loss.

analysis: physical retail can use O2O lock consumer group

insiders said that the increase of e-commerce channels is considered to be an important breakthrough in the WAL-MART business growth in China, and is quite urgent for restructuring firm WAL-MART China, shop No. 1 will take back his hand operation, coordination of resources is only a matter of time.

reporter observed that the recent acceleration of the development of electricity supplier is not a WAL-MART. June 19th, as an important component of the Huarun electricity supplier transformation strategy, Huarun "ten thousand" formally launched. It is worth noting that the Huarun 10000 also out of a new day: "e million" cross-border shopping channel synchronous on-line. Carrefour >