Dream bazaar sale vertical business survival

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo intern reporter Wang Qian Lu Yishan) and vertical class electricity supplier mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, usher in a reshuffle. Recently, there is news that the dream bazaar sale to the United States Yi Road group with 20 million dollars. A person close to the dream bazaar enterprises responsible person said, heard the news. In the industry view, dream bazaar also reflects the plight of the development of low-cost to vertical class electricity supplier, the current including eslite.

data show that the dream bazaar was founded in December 2006, with the underwear for the main category, after 2008 gradually extended to women’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics and other goods. American clothing group is a professional fashion apparel products global sourcing service provider.

business analyst said, dream bazaar business category is narrow, the audience is less. It is a common problem of the current dream bazaar clothing vertical electricity supplier.

clothing vertical electric business is undergoing a transition, the future dream bazaar is not the case. Founded from 2007 to mid 2012, Eslite shirt sales in this five years, more than 12 million pieces, but at present, the company has become a small business. In May 2010, network of high-end menswear brand Martha Marceau in the place opened the first store, but two years later was closed shop. The store sales growth is far lower than the electricity supplier, financial strength is not enough to support the store to cover more consumer groups, Martha Marceau had to curb the momentum of development under the line. The top Chinese B2C shares listed on the first Mcglaughlin in May changed the district network currently accounts for Mcglaughlin have been issued and outstanding common shares reached 63.7%.

in the vertical part of the clothing class electricity supplier struggling to survive, embrace the Internet clothing brand is increasing. Adidas, Lining, bestseller clothing and other traditional brand electronic business platform by means of frequent contacts, data show that seven wolves won the first throne in August Tmall men’s clothing sales, monthly sales of 97 million 170 thousand yuan; Yan man, Liebo other original clothing brand bigger, according to Yin said, the first half of the daily sales could reach one million yuan. In addition, for this type of clothing B2C electricity supplier to do shopping guide services mogujie.com, beautiful and other companies also hit heavily to start selling clothing.

Yin founder Fang Jianhua said that the future of the Internet to a small but beautiful, cut segments, understand the real needs of consumers. B2C, a person in charge of clothing to the Beijing Business Daily reporter, said the premise is to make clothing electricity supplier to do a good job in clothing, clothing on the basis of re consider the sale of clothing.