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Candle giant cross play received 5 cosmetics companies


] January 9th news billion state power network, since the 2013 September acquisition of cosmetics business on behalf of the operating companies "Hangzhou Youke", Qingdao Jin Wang of the cosmetics giant candle of interest is quite high. Since then, Qingdao Jin Wang successively holding the Shanghai month, Guangzhou Feng Asiana, Guangzhou Dong Fang and several cosmetics enterprises. The day before, Qingdao Jin Wang also officially announced the "Zhejiang cosmetics enterprises holding Hangzhou Jin zhuang".

so far, cosmetics companies in Qingdao Jin Wang in the bag has reached 5, which is in Guangzhou, Asiana make-up and skin care as the brand enterprises, there is a "blue show" and "LC" two brand of Guangzhou Dong Fang; the main business includes OEM and ODM; Shanghai, Zhejiang Jin Feng Zhuang are offline channels cosmetics operators, covering shopping centers, CS channel, KA channel, department stores and other channels.

and the only one in electricity generation operation business based in Hangzhou is big, the acquisition of the earliest cosmetics enterprises of Qingdao Jin wang. As of the end of 2013, Hangzhou may be operating income of 245 million yuan, net profit of $12 million. According billion state power network understanding, Hangzhou Yau can present the service of cosmetic brands including Estee Lauder, CLARINS, Clinique, Vichy, the, face La shop and other international brands.  

previously, Qingdao Jin Wang responsible person said that the company and the cosmetics business contact is started from lefeng.com, the future will focus on investment in sales channel resources of the company, through grafting (rather than to set themselves up as a company) way, cosmetics business development.

performance from the point of view, the number of cosmetic companies were acquired in most of the revenue of 100 million yuan, net profit of less than 30 million.

cosmetics industry is the capital of the latest industry. Food, clothing, household appliances and other industries in the capital to have a qualitative leap of development, I believe that the future of capital in the cosmetics industry will become a norm, and the norm will bring the whole industry ningchengyigusheng, promote development together." Zhejiang Jin Zhuang chairman Huang Bo said.